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Commercial Garage Doors

High quality, functioning commercial garage doors are essential for the security and smooth operation of businesses like automotive shops and warehouses.Commercial garage doors should be tough and able to hold up under a lot of wear and tear.


There are several types of commercial garage doors available to businesses. Some types include sliding garage doors, folding garage doors, one piece garage doors, and roll up garage doors. Some commercial garage doors open manually, while others open with a motor. They can be insulated or non insulated. Some have windows and some are designed to fit on a counter top. They are made of a variety of materials, including galvanized steel and aluminum.

When choosing a commercial garage door it is important to look at durability and serviceability. How the door opens should be considered. Does it push up? Is it raised by a chain or a crank? Is it opened using a remote that controls an electric motor? Safety and energy efficiency should also be factored in.


Sectional commercial garage doors have panels that are hinged with rollers. This type of commercial door has more of a “residential” look than other types, and is available in several colors and materials. They work well when there is a need for glazing and insulation, and are appropriate for use in service stations, car washes, and auto body shops where visibility and light are important. Because they have more parts, they generally require a little more maintenance than other types.

A second type of commercial garage door is the rolling steel door. This type of garage door provides outstanding security, flexibility,durability, and minmal garage door repair Kennesaw GA.. In areas that require more than a standard wind load protection, this is an excellent choice. Other advantages are that it is space saving and provides easy climate control. The door is constructed to coil around an axle that is placed horizontally above the door.

The rolling sheet door is a third type of commercial garage door that is very similar to the rolling steel doors. They are less expensive and easily installed. This type of door is appropriate in situations where a lower wind rating is okay and there isn’t as much heavy duty use.

Heavy Duty

Commercial garage doors have to stand up to heavier loads and use, so it’s important to make sure the commercial door operator provides the strength and durability required. There are several types of commercial door operators, including trolley operators, hoist operators, jackshaft operators, and sliding door operators. Oftentimes, operators are available in four different strengths: light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, and heavy industrial duty.

Efficiency and Safety

Safety should be considered when selecting commercial garage doors and fire door are sometimes required. Fire doors have a fire rating with a UL or FM label. Some are designed to automatically close when there is smoke or an alarm sounds. Normally they have links that fuse and close the door when the temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Energy efficiency is another cost-saving feature to look at when buying a commercial garage door. Either CFC free urethane or mineral wood insulation is placed between the inside and outside covers. Sometimes, like in sheet doors, a foil covered mineral wool blanket is added. Some doors lack any insulation at all.

No one commercial garage door is best for every business. Appearance, operation, durability, energy efficiency, and initial and maintenance costs must all be considered. There are numerous qualified dealers sell commercial garage doors, and who could assist with a needs assessment and advise which door would be best for the individual needs of the business.Choosing the right door is very important!

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