The US Consumer Product Safety Commission released troubling statistics saying that there are approximately 30,000 injuries caused by accidents involving garage doors every year. Injuries ranging from minor scratches and bruises to debilitating and fatal ones emphasize the importance of good working garage doors. This makes garage door repair in Atlanta GA and other cities essential to prevent such accidents.

Many people take it upon themselves to do repairs around their home. While changing a light bulb and painting may be DIY projects that can be done by anyone, garage door repair Atlanta GA should be left to professionals. Sometimes, you can do more harm than good taking home repairs into your own hands. Here are some dangers associated with DIY garage door repair.

1. Garage Door Falling

Being crushed by a garage door is a very real danger in DIY repair. These doors can weigh approximately 100-200 lbs, so even a short fall can cause severe injuries. A common cause of door slips is improper disconnection of the door restraints, which is a likely step to perform in many garage door repairs. If the door falls, it could damage the door itself, the objects inside the garage, and even you. Professionals have the know-how and the right tools to do this procedure safely so it is best to leave garage door repairs to them.

2. Door Springs Rupturing

Torsion springs are what allows garage doors to open and close with minimum power. Over time, these wound springs lose their tightness and make it far more difficult to control the door. In order to repair the damage, it is required to rewind the springs after the mechanism has been observed to be faulty. This would return the garage door to its optimal performance. Rewinding springs is not something you should be doing yourself. Without the proper skills and tools, these springs may expand with enough force to injure you fatally. You might find yourself with a bigger problem than a garage door that opens slowly.

3. Falling from a Height

Falling is one of the most common home accidents. In order to properly install or repair a garage door, you will need to use a ladder. As a result, the chances of falling increase if you attempt to do the door repair yourself. Leave garage door repair to Atlanta GA professionals and save yourself a trip to the emergency room.

4. Improper Use of Tools

As with all DIY home repairs, there is always a risk of mishandling power tools. These tools are powerful enough to work with metal and wood, so you can imagine how much damage it can do the human body. Garage doors may also require specialized tools that you might not have around the house. Leave the handling of these tools to the professionals.

5. Causing More Damage

Another danger to DIY garage repair is the risk of damaging your door more than repairing it. What might seem like an easy repair may result in further complicating the mechanism or loosening of the hinges. These mistakes can cause injuries later on when you or a loved one attempts to use the garage door. It might fall off its restraints, slip during use, or refuse to open. These problems might endanger yourself and those in your home.

It is always a good idea to leave home repair tasks to the professionals. Attempting to fix a broken garage door can do more harm than good. You might injure yourself or members of your family without the proper tools and skills required for this type of project. Call your local professional for garage door repair Atlanta GA at (678) 981-8454 and prevent being the cause of injury in your home.

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