Nashville garage doors

There was a time when garage doors all looked very similar and had few modern conveniences. This has changed dramatically over time. There are now many different styles and options available for garage doors. Several trends in residential garage doors in Atlanta, GA have emerged recently. Homeowners in Atlanta are gravitating towards doors that are functional, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. There are three very popular garage door trends today.

Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Energy efficiency has been a trend in home construction and remodeling for decades. It has now become popular for homeowners who are installing new residential garage doors. Energy efficient garage doors have added insulation inside of or behind each of the panels. This could be polyurethane or another material. Additionally, the doors have extra covering over hinges and joints. The doors are heavier and more durable than most of the traditional garage doors found in older homes.

Why Energy Efficient Doors Are Popular

Energy efficient garage doors are popular because they stop the transfer of air between the outside of the home and the inside of the garage. This lowers energy bills every year by preventing cold air from coming in during the winter and cool air from escaping during the summer. Heating systems work less to keep the house comfortable. If you still think it’s not worth insulating your garage door, keep in mind that you probably use your garage doors more often than the front door to enter the house, which cools the air inside. Moreover, many homeowners use their garages as a laundry room, workshop, play area, etc. You want to make sure you keep a comfortable temperature in your garage room all year round.

Carriage-Style Garage Doors

Carriage-style garage doors are in high demand across the country. Traditional carriage doors allowed access to large spaces where people in previous centuries could store actual carriages or carts. They look like a set of tall double doors. Actual carriage doors swing open from the center. Modern carriage-style residential garage doors often open like any overhead garage door despite the appearance. Carriage-style doors can be made from a range of materials from steel to wood.

Why Homeowners Want Carriage-Style Doors

The main reason carriage-style garage doors are so popular is because they create a refined and distinctive appearance. This is important for homeowners since the garage door can make up a significant portion of the visible exterior of the house. If you want to make your home one of distinction in Atlanta, GA, you need to choose a garage door that complements your home style. It just happens that most modern homeowners today prefer the carriage-style garage doors. Carriage-style doors can have a rustic appearance or a more modern design. They add to the curb appeal of the house without taking away any functionality. Carriage-style doors are especially popular in homes that have multiple garages.

Low-Maintenance Garage Doors

Homeowners are increasingly attracted to low-maintenance garage doors. These doors use materials and construction techniques that address many of the most common issues that require costly repairs every year. The garage doors are usually built from steel so that the surface does not corrode or require any type of repainting or sealing. The hinges and cables are exceptionally durable so they do not come loose. Some low-maintenance garage doors even have exterior coatings that make cleaning the surface fast and simple.

How Low-Maintenance Doors Help

Homeowners are installing low-maintenance garage doors in Atlanta, GA, because they require far less attention than older designs. This allows homeowners to spend more time relaxing or having fun on weekends rather than dealing with garage door repairs. Another benefit is safety. The low-maintenance aspect of the doors means there is less of a chance of a malfunction. This will prevent injuries throughout the year. One final reason low-maintenance doors are popular is because they have a lower overall cost of ownership. The doors require fewer inspections and repairs from professionals.