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Spring is here and it’s that time of the year again. You can’t avoid the garbage anymore. But before you start any cleaning, remember to dress accordingly, use gloves and proper lifting techniques. Having cleaning supplies on hand with trash bags and pen and paper to jot down notes is also a good idea. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. Below are helpful tips and techniques that will help this years garage cleaning go smoothly and effectively.

Divide and conquer

Focus on dividing everything in the garage into 4 different categories: garbage, recycling, and stuff to keep or sell/donate. The key to organizing the garage is that when you pick something up, it must categorized and dealt with on the spot – no putting it off until later. Try to recycle as much as you can. Keep in mind that car oil and batteries, chemicals, paint, old electronics and other items with hazardous or toxic materials need to be properly disposed.

Having a yard sale can be a fun way to meet the neighbors and make some money at the same time. Afterwards, donate any left over items to help the needy. For any bulky items, try putting it outside with a free sign before you throw your back out hauling it away. Craigslist and other similar popular websites are an excellent way to sell, give away or advertise your yard sell.

Organize the space

Designate areas for specific items and organize accordingly. Use plastic bins and containers to store items with proper labels. Avoid using cardboard boxes that attract rodents, creepy crawlies and dampness. Avoid rusty tools by putting charcoal briquettes in a fabric bag in the tool chest to absorb dampness.

Consolidate similar items together. Create areas for gardening, home improvement, storage and vehicles. If possible, use old larger chests, cabinets, bookshelves or tables. It may look cliche, but the tool wall really needs a marked outline. This saves time and avoids frustrating situations. In addition to this, a pegboard is a great way to store tools and other small items. A movable cart is a convenient way to store items that you often use.

Be creative

Think of different ways to utilize existing space. For example, attach hooks to a central support post to hang bicycles or hang baskets on the wall. A few well placed nails can store skateboards or snowboards on the wall. In addition to this, hooks can be attached to the ceiling. As always, utilize as much wall space as possible – use nails, racks and shelves. As a general rule of thumb, think vertical storage first. The less you use something, the higher it should be stored. Avoid horizontal storage – putting anything on the floor always encourages clutter.

Whistle while you work

Remember that the bulk of cleaning the garage will actually be moving, organizing and getting rid of things. Use a bucket of soapy water and rags to wipe everything down. Garage floors are notoriously dusty and dirty and need to be swept and scrubbed. As last result, consider renting a pressure washer to help clean the floor and/or garage door. This is also useful for cleaning out the garbage cans. The barbecue grill deserves a special mention. It is most likely crusty and dusty and needs a good scrubbing. Use the grill cleaning tool to get it squeaky clean. Overall, try to wipe down and clean as much as possible in order to create a pleasant and visually appealing room. Also, don’t forget the ceiling – those cobwebs won’t take care of themselves.

Overall, the annual garage spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting and depressing chore. By following these tips it can be an effective and enjoyable experience. So get inside those garage doors Alpharetta GA and start rummaging!

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