Are you looking for ways to save space around the house? This also extends to out garage. Our garage is probably the one place that also happens to be the most cluttered. Reason why? We put all of our crap in there! Duh! There’s nothing worse than realizing you desperately need to find something that might be somewhere in the garage, such the remote for your garage doors Marietta GA!

We hide everything else from our own home or office in the garage. When we go to find it, it’s not there. Well it actually is there, but it’s usually stuffed behind your garage doors Marietta GA. Or it’s propped up in front of the garage door. We make it that much harder on ourselves in the long run.

Your experts for garage doors Marietta GA have some great tips on how to save space in your garage!

1. Hanging Bins

Pick them up off the floor and hang them on hooks. This is a great way to clean out the clutter and store items. It doesn’t matter what you want store in them. Make them your own. Your floor will also feel a lot less cluttered. Your floor can finally breathe, and you can actually move around. What a concept! I know, right!

2. Hardware Supplies

Take some containers for hardware supplies, such as nuts, bolts, and screws, and glue the lids to the underside of a shelf. Your containers will hang and you can easily get what you need out of them. This is the perfect solution for the men that spend all of their time with their tools. They are the ones who complain they can never find something. But it’s probably right in front of their nose. Yes, those guys! Or you can hook the containers to the wall.

3. Shelves

Pick a vacant side of the wall and put up shelves. Store whatever you like there. This will give you easy access. It’s also a good way to get items off the floor. You know the items I am talking about. The ones that you keep saying you are going to do something with, but never do. I’m sure we can all relate.

4. Pegboard

Create an organized pegboard. This one again, is going to be for the guys. This is a good way to keep their tools organized and easy to find. Ladies, you will have to do this yourself. Because your man will say he will take care of it, but never will. What can I say ladies, most guys like clutter. I don’t know why, but they do. Most guys are comfortable having all of their tools laying around, yet, they will complain when they can’t find something. Go figure!

5. Ceiling Rods

Take the items you don’t use that much and place them in heavy duty bins. Take the bins and hang them along shelving rods on the ceiling of the room. This way you can still keep the items, in case you need them. But they will not be taking up space on the floor. Do consider a garage sale or donation of the things you are not using.

6. Pet Supplies

Most people put their pets supplies out in the this room. So create a shelf area for the supplies. Organize it according to what you use, how often and when. Your garage is going to look so much nicer.

7. Bike lifts

Apply bike lifts to your ceiling. Hang the bikes there. It won’t be taking up space. You can use your bikes whenever you want without having to bump into them every time you want to get them out.

Do you have more ideas? Please share them in the comments! Your garage doors Marietta GA experts are delighted to hear them!

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