If you live in a warm climate, you’re lucky to be able to use your yard all year round–which comes in handy when you’re having guests for Thanksgiving. But when you’re entertaining, you want to make sure that the front of your house looks as impeccable as the inside. Read on for a list of ideas for sprucing up your curb appeal this holiday season.

1. Garage Door Makeover

Giving your garage a fresh new color is a great way to give the outside of your home a new look. While you can do this project yourself, you can also hire a painter who can update your garage doors in Atlanta GA. Try going with a bright shade that helps you stand out from your neighbors. It is very important the color you choose for your garage doors Atlanta GA complements the style of the house. If you need completely new doors, call All 4 Seasons Garage Doors for the biggest variety of garage doors Atlanta GA. Or, find a power wash company that can clean your garage doors in Atlanta GA. Once your garage doors are clean and neat, you can add decorations to them, such as Thanksgiving stickers.

2. Focus on the Front Door

Since the entryway is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home, make sure that it looks appealing. A fresh coat of paint in an attractive color goes a long way, as do decorative doorknobs and fixtures. Low budget? Pick up an unusual seasonal wreath.

3. Freshen up Your Flower Beds

Even if your lawn is already landscaped, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, it could probably use some cleaning up. Rake leaves, add new mulch, and make sure that all weeds are removed. This is also a great opportunity to place new flowers to give some color to your yard in the fall.

4. Tune up Light Fixtures

Make sure that all the lights on the exterior of your home are clean and bright. Remove light fixtures and polish all the glass, replacing dead bulbs if necessary. For a brand new look, you can go for completely new fixtures, especially around your front door where they’ll make maximum impact on your curb appeal.

5. Clean up Driveway and Sidewalks

Pressure washing your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks can make them look almost new. This is a job that you can hire out, or you can rent a power washer and do it yourself. While you’re at it, make sure that your porch, garage doors, and yard furniture are free of leaves and debris and inviting to guests who may want to sit outside after the Thanksgiving meal.

6. Wash Your Windows

If you live in a temperate climate, you probably want to open your windows to let in fresh air (especially when your oven has been working overtime). Make sure that your windows are scrubbed free of dust, debris, and fingerprints. For a whole new look, think about adding window boxes with seasonal greenery.

No matter what your budget is, there are plenty of ways to spruce up the exterior of your home in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. While hosting out-of-town guests can be stressful, taking a few small steps to freshen your curb appeal will make your home that much more inviting for a clean look that will carry through into the new year.

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