Best Tips for Garage Door Security

Home invasion is a real threat, even here in quiet Johns Creek GA. Many families use the garage to enter and exit the home. Your home could be vulnerable to theft and personal safety. By providing a burglar access and concealment, a weakened garage door can makes you an easy target. To keep your home and belongings safe it is prudent to give thought to garage door security.

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Garage Door Security Tips for Personal Safety

Never leave your garage door open. This applies as well to the door leading from the garage into your home. If it does not have one, consider installing a dead bolt on the entry door. All access doors to your home should be kept locked. Double check locks at night. If your garage door does not have a lock mechanism, consider purchasing one. A garage door specialist can assist you in obtaining an interior slide lock or an exterior keypad look for your garage door security. Even though you may live in a good neighborhood, such areas are the target of burglars.

Within a few seconds a thief can gain access to your garage with a coat hangar. To prevent this from happening a sturdy zip tie can be strung through the release mechanism. Though a thief is now prevented access, proper functioning of the mechanism is maintained. Ascertain that you are able to pull the handle in the event of an emergency. Online videos give clear instructions on installing the zip tie which can be done easily in a few minutes.

Avoid giving out the security code to the exterior wireless keypad. If you must share the code with a service provider, it is wise to reprogram the keypad. Have wireless keypads installed high enough so they cannot be reached by small children.

Windows can give a thief a view into your garage and may also be a vulnerability. If your garage door has windows try frosting them. When ready to install a new garage door, consider one without windows. By installing interior and exterior motion sensing lights you will add another level of protection from thieves and prevents accidents to family members in a dark garage.

Garage Door Security with Garage Door Remote

Never leave your garage door remote where it can be seen by a would be thief. Never leave it in your car or give it to a parking attendant. A clip on remote left on a car visor is an invitation to anyone wanting to get into your home. Even when parked in your driveway, a remote left in the car may be seen by a burglar or may tempt a passerby. It is safer to always carry the remote with you at all times.

For convenience and an added safety measure consider replacing the clip on remote with a one that is small enough to keep on a key chain. Consult your garage door manufacturer for help with the specifics.

Garage Door Security When Away From Home

When vacationing or away from your Johns Creek home for a long period of time make sure to lock the garage door. Unplug the garage door opener for added security. If available set the vacation lock wall security switch which renders remotes unusable.

The most important step in garage door security is taking precautions. Keep all parts to the garage door in good working order with proper maintenance. Make these security measures a daily practice to ensure less vulnerability of a home break-in. All Four Seasons Garage Door security Johns Creek GA. sales, installation and service is here to make your home as safe and functional as possible. Call us: (770) 517-7078 or click on us: All Four Seasons Garage Door Security Johns Creek GA