Garage Door Security Tips by All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Decatur GA

To the typical passerby a work truck backed up to a garage door doesn’t seem out of place, but this is a favorite gambit of crooks. Garage doors are often a weak point when it comes to home security and an easy target for burglars. A garage door is not just an easy access point, but also offer thieves a place to hide out of sight.

Securing your garage doesn’t mean simply closing the door, but looking at all vulnerable entrance points. When automatic garage door openers first came on the market the openers of any particular band all used a single code, making the garage a quick and easy access point for any thief with a remote.

Second-generation door openers had the ability to have a unique code set by the homeowner, but most people wouldn’t bother to rest the default code, again leaving the garage as an easy access point. Second-generation door openers were also susceptible to having the signal stolen by electronic code-grabbing devices.

Most of today’s modern garage-door openers all feature a rolling-code technology, where each remote sends one of a 100 billion new security codes every time the remote is used. To ensure you are protected, be sure that your garage-door opener operates with rolling-code technology.

Here are some more tips to be sure your garage doors are secure:

Never leave the garage-door controller in your vehicle; if your car is broken into the thief will have access to your home. Instead, invest in a keychain-style remote.

Never leave the garage open. It is remarkably how many homeowners continually leave their garage doors open. This is just an invitation to anyone passing by to pop in, take a quick look around, help themselves to something expensive and be gone. It doesn’t matter how safe you think the neighborhood is, as thieves tend to target the better neighborhoods because that is where they find the best booty.

Have a wide-angle peephole installed in the garage door as well as the door between the garage and the house. This way you will at least be able to look to see what is happening if you hear noises in the driveway or the garage, instead of having to open the door to find out.

Hang curtains on the garage windows. This will keep thieves from looking in to see if there is something worth stealing or if your car is there a, telling them if you are home or not.

Disconnect the automatic door opener when you go out of town. Also, if the door doesn’t have a manual lock use a C-clamp on each side of the garage door track, similar to window-track locks that are used on interior windows, to prevent the door from being forced open manual from the outside. Keep up with all regular maintenance of all parts of the garage doors, and keep a watchful eye out for wear and corrosion. If parts of the door become compromised it will create weak points for a potential break in.

Ensure the door that leads from the garage into the house is just as secure as the home’s front door. Add a deadbolt to the door and keep it locked and install an anti-kick device. Remember, once thieves are in the garage they are out of sight of neighbors and passersby.

“Red Cell” is a term used by security experts when looking for potential areas of concern, meaning a danger area. Take a step back and be your own objective and detached security consultant. Place yourself in a crook’s shoes and ask yourself how you would break into your home through the garage. You just might be surprised what you come up with.

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