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The garage is not the first area of the home that comes to mind when considering the inherent hazards of our beloved refuge, with a perplexing array of sources of chemicals, gases, fumes, heavy objects, slippery surfaces, or mediums for electrical currents. But don’t underestimate the risks that develop with wear and tear on a garage door. Besides that, there are innovations in design and materials that address the reported dangers and incidents which have come to light, as garage door designs and component kits have been modernized to meet the needs of today’s household.

Injuries as well as tragic deaths have resulted from unexpected garage door movement. That could be a risk of using automatic motors on your door. It’s generally recommended that you abstain from operating motorized doors around children. But as this could be hard to avoid and always anticipate in time, technology for safety devises employing sensors or cameras to stop or reverse a doors’ movement are available.

There are many choices to consider when it comes to your garage door and how it affects the safety of your family–from the security and protection gained with a well fortified door enhanced with a reliable lock, to the maintenance and repair of your door which keeps it in proper working function. Modernizing a garage door goes far beyond increasing property value and aesthetic satisfaction. A door constructed of the most optimal materials to address a household’s concerns can also be more durable which is added protection in itself.

There are online resources available to gain ideas and instruction for DIY garage door repair and maintenance. As the door itself or it’s components that affect it’s smooth operation are stressed with some of the most intense wear and tear in the entire household, a regular inspection of the entire garage door system should be performed at regular intervals. This allows you to asses risk contained in worn cables, malfunctioning automatic motors and it’s circuitry and any parts that have suffered deformation that could lead to unintended movement or lack of response.

And there are additional design details in a garage restoration plan to reduce potential hazards. You could add padding at areas most likely to come into contact with people during unexpected door movement. Or tamper proof bottom brackets reduce the risk of doors under tension. And pinch resistant designs feature materials that prevent your fingers from entering the parts of the door that move against other surfaces.

Keep in mind injury risk increases the more the driving members of the family need to use excessive force to move the garage door because of misaligned or weak parts in the tracking system or springs that are critical in holding the door where it is supposed to be. This gradual deterioration can go unnoticed until it fails and possibly causes serious injury as well as additional property damage.

Garage door insulation is not always an obvious feature in what makes a garage door safe. But polyurethane aids in a property’s fire safety as well, by retarding some of the smoke and flame in the event of a fire.

If safety is of a primary concern, vinyl garage doors, besides being of the lowest maintenance, also can be lighter to handle and less straining on working parts. And their rust resistance has real safety benefit as well in durability to prevent misalignment symptoms in operation. And they’re less likely to dent which allows for unimpeded operation.

Most Vinings GA residents do not want to spend more of their life than necessary being worried about injury. So with some wise choices in either garage door selection or up-keep, any homeowner can significantly minimize the potential for injury and even death to themself and the entire household by periodically inspecting and replacing garage door components.

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