Roll Up Doors Identified as a National Safety Concern

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The United States Department of Energy and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recently issued warnings about the safety of roll up doors, after a multitude of deaths and injury caused by malfunction. It is important that companies and homeowners who have roll up doors installed properly maintained and serviced. It is also equally important that attention is given to box truck roll up door repair and maintenance.

Each year thousand of people rent moving trucks during relocation. This means that every time a family rents one of these trucks, there is a commonly overlooked liability taking place. It is important that the doors on these vehicles are serviced and if needed, take the vehicle out of service until a box truck roll up door repair has been completed. By performing this task in a stringent manner, you can save your company thousands of dollars in liability costs.

The manufacturing and shipping industries also have roll up doors installed in their facilities. As of 2014, OSHA has become increasingly scrutinizing about the safety and maintenance of warehouse doors. In order to insure the safety of your employees and also to avoid OSHA citations, companies are learning that the maintenance of these doors are important systems in their safety standards. Most Duluth maintenance workers are not properly trained in roll up door repairs. If your company is also involved in transportation of goods, there is a chance that you have trucks with roll up doors also. A solution to maintain high safety standards is to contract a professional that is knowledgeable in industrial doors and box truck roll up door repair, this will insure that you receive the service that protects your company assets.

Here are a few helpful safety tips that can assist you in maintaining a safety policy if you have roll up doors installed or in use at your facility:

Schedule regular inspections

Remove any obstruction near the roll up door

Avoid standing under a roll up door

Before utilizing the entry way, test to insure proper function of roll up doors

Be Aware- when a roll up door is in the up position

Allow only trained technician maintain or perform standard and box truck roll up door repair

Keep children and unauthorized persons away from roll up doors

You should also recognize the signs of roll up doors that require immediate maintenance. The most significant sign of aging is when a door moves up or down too quickly, or slowly. These symptoms can mean various things, ranging from something as simple as the need for lubrication or a more dire issue of poor tension. A maintenance person who is not properly trained and qualified may just assume that most issues are a need for lubrication, however; it is a wise investment to have a qualified professional evaluate the door for other issues.

If you have decided that it is time to have your door systems evaluated, you will find that our team of professionals have quality training and excellent customer service. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of roll up doors in homes, industrial manufacturing and commercial box trucks. We are an industry leader in the Atlanta Metro area and are ready to meet your service needs!

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