Fall Camping

The weather has warmed up. Clark’s Hill and Stone Mountain beckon with cool lakes, leafy green trails and the great outdoors. Fall vacation is here and the kids are ready. It’s camping season again.

The pop-up camper waited patiently through frosty mornings, school days and busy work schedules. Every morning it was passed by as homeowners warmed up their cars and backed out of the garage. No more, though.

Garage doors open wide as the camper is pulled out, opened up and aired out in anticipation of this week’s trip the woods. Plenty of propane? Check. Fresh water? Check.

The children are already packing. Sleeping bags get hauled in from the shelves in the garage. Swimwear, floats and sunscreen get tossed in the duffle bag. Mom is busy checking her list, crossing off items like bug spray and hats.

With help from the internet, homemade fire-starters, made from dryer lint and toilet paper rolls, go into a zip baggie along with matches. Toilet paper and aluminum foil are tossed into another bag.

The cooler has been tucked away in a corner of the garage since the last camping trip. Tiki torches and folding chairs are standing nearby. The lanterns that keep the dark at bay are sitting on the shelf above the cooler.

To many people, there is just too much preparation involved in camping. Too many details that must be looked over. What if someone forgets the toilet paper? Why would a family go through all of the work just to set up in the woods for a week?

The answer is different for each person. Some people wish to get as far away from civilization as possible. These people are the outdoorsy-type that usually take a tent and head off into remote areas. With a hammock and a matches, they make their way through the woods and into the deepest part of the forest. No computers. No internet. No TV. No electricity at all. Just nature.

Others enjoy taking the RV and rolling into the nearest park where hundreds of other RV’s are parked. Pools, electricity, Wi-Fi, and mini-golf are readily available. Bingo and line-dancing bring the whole park together for a group good time.

Then, there are the campers who fall between these two groups. These people want to get away for awhile, but not so far away that a search and rescue party would be necessary. A nice campground where pop-ups and tent camping are available to about 50 people. A place where hot showers are ready, but you must bring your own towel.

This is the place where people can see other campers and tents as they drive past on their way to their spot. Once there, they can’t see or hear anyone else. All they hear are the sounds of a creek bubbling or maybe a raccoon rustling in the leaves.

For these campers, the internet and cell phones are replaced with a campfire and story-telling. Kids put down their video games and join in charades. Mom can’t hear a washer in the background. All she hears is laughter.

Graham crackers and marshmallows are passed around. Chocolate bars are divided and Smore’s are made. The little ones are supervised as they toast marshmallows and wieners.

No city lights are present to block the bright stars peeking in between the overhead trees. Sparks fly upward, tiny flashes trailing and disappearing overhead. Tense neck muscles finally release. A deep breath of fresh air brings a calming feeling.

For now, there is just peace. No hustle. No alarm clocks. No technology. Just family, togetherness and relaxing summer camping. You’ll relax too with the excellent service in Dunwoody GA from All Four Seasons Garage Doors. Protect your summer essentials with an upgraded or repaired garage door!

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