Did you know that after six to eight years parts of your garage door will start to wear out and even break? An unmaintained garage door can collapse damaging your vehicle or injuring anyone in its way. Your garage door is probably the biggest moving equipment inside your home, when properly maintained it provides safety and security for your belongings and your family. But, every year thousands of children are injured by poorly maintained garage doors. It’s very important that you keep up the maintenance on your garage door, for the safety of your property and more importantly your family.

Garage Door Repair

The Consumer Product Safety Commission States that a typical garage door in an American home weighs more than 500 pounds. Can you imagine the damage that could cause to your vehicle? Or your child? There are many reasons why a garage door can collapse, ranging from broken or old springs, an inappropriate disconnect of the pull cord with individuals within the door’s paths, flawed installation, a bad track or different extenuating circumstances. It’s important to always have your garage door repaired by a professional, like the friendly staff at All Four Seasons Garage Door Installation Suwanee GA.

The springs used on a garage door are under a massive amount of tension. As stated before, garage doors weigh a lot and those tightly wound springs hold a lot of that weight. When these springs get worn they cannot hold up your garage door properly, leading to what could potentially be a catastrophe. Damaged springs can cause the door to close too quickly and cause injury, especially to children who may attempt to close the door on their own. The spring can also fly away with extreme force causing damage to your vehicle or anything else inside your garage, or serious harm to any person or animal nearby. A faulty torsion spring can cause your garage door to close improperly, allowing burglars easy access to your garage and even your home.

If a garage door is properly installed, it will provide a secure barrier to the weather outside. If your garage door is leaking, doesn’t close evenly or you feel air rushing into your garage, it probably needs some maintenance done. Wires around the motor of your garage door may become damaged posing a serious fire hazard, they can easily chewed my pests, especially here in Suwanee,  or simply just wear. It should be promptly fixed by a professional, it can quickly lead to issues with the motor, If the door is making extremely loud noises it usually means there is some type of mechanical problem, it is best to get this problem fixed before it leads to a bigger problem. You could could end up with a very expensive repair bill if you ignore these small problems until they become a big problem.

It’s important to always hire a professional to repair, maintain, or replace your garage door. A malfunctioning garage door opener can be unpredictable, and it has the strength to cause some very serious damage. The weight of the door itself can make it very hard to move, if not properly reset the door will not have a tight seal. It can be very dangerous to repair your garage door yourself, serious and even fatal injuries can occur. It’s also very easy to accidentally break key components if not handled properly. It’s always in your best interest to hire a professional to repair your garage door, it may actually save you more money than doing it yourself.

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