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The Drawbridge to Your Suburban Castle

Coming home. An anticipatory daily drive, bike ride or walk of an emotional nature. Whether it be relief after a long day, excitement to see who’s there or dread because there are chores to be done, we all come home to our sanctuary. The curb appeal you imbibe into your house to make it a home can change the mood you were in while approaching your driveway. You may feel a rush of pride or a defeated sigh. Both are possible if you have worked hard but still have much to do. Garage doors have become the main entrance for many people. Homes constructed more recently tend to have the garage door strategically placed for multi-use functionality. Hence it is important that this drawbridge to your American Dream castle be as stately as possible to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Garage doors protect your vehicle investments, sports equipment, tools and activities performed within the garage. Choosing a garage door is no small task. It needs to flow with the design style of your home’s exterior, the many roles the garage plays within your family, your budget and your weather conditions. Technology has significantly improved access and security to your home by linking the automated garage doors to security systems and mobile devices. Taking these variables into consideration may be overwhelming but identify and ranking your priorities will ease the burden and expedite your shopping experience.

As you begin your reconnaissance mission to find garage doors perfect for your Alpharetta home and lifestyle you will notice design differences, insulation grades and materials. Choosing a material that will match your budget and weather conditions has become almost automatic for most consumers. Aluminum is cost effective and more durable under a range of weather conditions. The level of insulation to purchase is gauged by the activities and/or items stored behind the garage doors. The moderate temperatures of Atlanta will affect the “R” level of insulation to install. A garage that isn’t populated much by people and activities could be insulated around R-3 and go up to an R-10 or higher to keep the inhabitants comfortable.

Once you have the logistics of materials, size and insulation accounted for you can focus on the fun side, the design angle. It is important to consider the architectural features of your home. Traditional or Victorian homes tend to show off the carriage house style garage doors. Features of this style include panel style with the equally common option of windows or no windows and compatible hardware. A sleeker modern home may consider flush panels for a subtle effect or more raised panels for a dramatic effect. Paint colors can be the most fun and sometimes the most frustrating. Most in-store garage doors have a few standard color options. The option of custom garage doors or painting the purchased doors reveals a cornucopia of color options to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Your home’s exterior can set the tone for visitors approaching or just you coming home. Your garage doors, however prominent, may influence anyone’s mood. Choosing the style, color, material, insulation grade and purchase location are important factors in your garage doors. They are an investment worth protecting. A warranty will safeguard the drawbridge to your castle and often the technology used to operate it. Once your garage doors are installed and you step back to admire your creatively careful decision you can sigh with relief and satisfaction.

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