Garage doors are different things to different people. There are some aspects of a garage door which everyone can agree with. One of the best examples is the fact that it protects valuables from the wear and tear of weather. And of course it needs a lot of strength in order to do so. But that same strength often makes it look different than the rest of the house. For some people that distinction is nice. The dichotomy can be appealing. But for others it can seem almost as if the garage door’s style is clashing with everything else. For people with that view of things, there’s one other way to look at a garage door. It can be seen as a canvas on which one can create something beautiful.

The first thing to keep in mind is that wood and steel doors are quite different when it comes to paint. This advice is focused on steel doors, as they’re the style that typically feels different than the rest of the house. There are plenty of ways to work with a wood door as well. But for the moment it’s best to focus on steel. And in particular we’ll focus on taking a steel door and painting on a wooden appearance. This look can also be modified as needed.

There is another important thing to keep in mind though. And that’s the fact that the elements are always working on a garage door. The garage door needs to have as smooth a surface as possible. You want to paint the garage door, not dirt on the garage door. The end results would look bumpy and uneven. And worse, debris will eventually come off. This would create a negative overall impression on people looking at the door. Getting rid of debris will take a little extra time. But it’ll be more than worth it when it comes to the results.

It’s tempting to simply use a hose to get any dirt off of the garage door. Sadly, that just won’t do a good enough job. You’re going to have to get a good stiff brush, some soap, and some water. And then really put your back into cleaning off the garage door. It’s a bit of work, but again, the result will be worth it.

For everything past this point it’s important to remember that you can always do a test run first. It’s always a good idea to test your skills out with any random metal before working on the actual garage door. This can go a long way into building up both confidence and skill.

But whether you’re using actual garage doors or a piece of metal for a test run, you’ll need to begin the actual painting by using a primer. You’ll need to wait for the primer to dry before proceeding. Once the door is ready, you should use masking tape on the vertical panels. The horizontal pieces will be left exposed. Again, this can be changed to suit personal preference though.

You’ll have to use two separate layers in order to get the best simulation of actual wood. It’s a good idea to get a picture of the type of wooden door you want to simulate. Then look for paint which will match the color. The base coat should be tan. But on top of that you can layer a nice wooden color. One of the most popular is walnut or mahogany. The most important thing to remember at this point is that the paint needs to be suitable for outdoor use. The best results will come from using a 100% acrylic latex paint. But make sure that it’s specifically labeled as OK for exterior use on metal.

When painting you should use a lighter touch in order to let the base layer show. This part will require a bit of practice. It won’t take long before you pick up the knack though. After that’s done, it’s time to remove the tape and begin work on the vertical lines.

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