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Your Garage Is the Key to a Great Easter

Most rooms within one’s home have a particular feel to them. Living rooms are calm and inviting, bedrooms are a place of rest, and kitchens somewhere that people can experience a great range of tastes and smells. The garage is unique in that respect. Most other rooms within a home have a set purpose, and a set location. Furniture and function might change a little over time. But in general a living room is always going to be a living room. Sometimes a garage is there to store cars. But during the holidays it can often turn into something far more magical. It can be one of the most entertainingly spooky locations during Halloween. At Christmas time many families have a tradition of organizing lights and decorations within the garage. And during the Spring, it can be the hub for many different Easter related activities.

One of the best things about the garage is the fact that it usually has so many things in it. The best way to begin planning for Easter is to park one’s car outside for a while, and sort through everything that’s in the garage. Obviously some people keep their garage in a more spartan state. But for most people, the garage is second only to the attic when it comes to storing little knickknacks or art supplies. For a crafty person, it’s the perfect starting point to begin making some fantastic decorations. People often don’t even realize the full extent of what’s being stored in their garage. More than one person has begun putting things together for their kid’s Easter party only to discover items from their own childhood. If that happens, it can be a treasure trove of ideas. One should be sure to take note of any memories or reminders about what made easter fun in one’s own childhood.

However, the main focus at this point should be on arts and crafts. The two things to look for are supplies that one can personally use for decorations, and items which kids can put to good use. Even things like construction paper, markers, crayons or glue can be put to great use later on. Get everything collected together, and think of anything you might like to make with them. Some people will luck out and find everything they need. However, most people will discover that they have about 80% of what they need to put something together.

That’s why the next step is to make a quick run to a local dollar store. While some people might want to go all out and go to a real craft store, it’s important to keep in mind that kids are the biggest concern when it comes to Easter. And if there’s one thing that kids excel in, it’s using their imagination. You might see a few dollars worth of cheap paper and googly eyes. They’ll see an invaluable chance to express themselves.

One can also usually pick up some dye kits for Easter eggs there. Look for anything else that might easily stick to a painted egg as well. Glitter and string can be a great addition to an Easter egg. And of course one should also ensure that a ready supply of eggs will be on hand at home.

Lastly, gather the family together in the garage and lay out everything that you’ve bought or collected. The most important point to consider is the fact that you’ve got a lot of room, and an area where it doesn’t matter if some ink or glue spills onto the floor. Then let yourself and your kids simply have fun with it. Dye the eggs, make some bunnies out of glue and construction paper, and plan out a fun Easter egg hunt. You can even set up some of the items that you’ve made as prizes for whoever gets a specific egg. When Easter arrives, the garage will go from art room to award show.

The specifics will, of course, vary by family. But there will be one constant, no matter how one organizes the activities. Your entire family will look at your garage in a whole new way.

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