There are 3 types of common garage door openers and are generally known as belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive. As with any opener, they do have pros and cons. The most popular issues that interest most individuals are the noise levels followed by the low maintenance factor. Garage door openers have become popular over the last 20 years, thus becoming so convenient and reliable; it is difficult for many individuals to imagine living without them.

The belt drive garage opener has been known to be the quietest out of all three. Noise is a major issue especially for those with a room above or close to the garage and those concerned about interruption of sleep. Over the years, screw drives were known for low maintenance. Chain drives are not as quiet but do not break easily. Generally, the best door openers are those that once installed are so convenient and hassle-free; once installed one does not have to think or worry about them for years. Some criteria that have been used to rank the best and most reliable garage openers include the following:

• The most common feature in demand is that openers possess plenty of horsepower so that they can easily handle big, heavy doors. A Garage opener that offers an alternate power source in case of outages is of major interest; one does not have to be stuck with an inoperable door. Noise that is kept to the minimum is a major convenience.

• Safety features on garage doors are important. Garage openers that posses features that offer indirect access into the home, automatic lights, strong lock capabilities, and reserve-open capabilities can play a major role in terms of reliability.

• Ease and easy access to assist from customer service can also play role in reliability. Some door openers make things easier by offering keyless entry and various remotes that provide ease, variety and convenience. Product installation and fixtures are issues that most individuals prefer to work on their own without depending on a professional. Easy instructions to follow and products that are designed to be installed by an individual without the professional can be an advantage. Best warranty offers do offer a lot ease and that includes good customer service that readily responds to any inquiries.

It is essential to be aware of some general problematic issues that are experienced with garage openers most of which include; issues with installation, failing remotes, and problematic circuit boards. Complaints about noises included repetitive squeaks after a few months and jerking or bouncing which do have the tendency to get loud. For those that prefer individual fixtures referred to as do- it- yourself or DIYers may experience the frustration of making multiple trips to the hardware store for items that were not included in the package. Problems traced to bad circuit boards include unpredictable opening and shutting of the doors throughout the day. In some case, the remote may stop working while some may experience incomplete door closes. These are some of the issues that can be encountered within a few months or years after purchases.

Most garage openers do have pros and cons that can be worked around to avoid increased frustrations while enjoying years of reliability. Making the right decision is the key to a garage door opener.

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