If you watch a lot of home improvement television shows you have probably picked up a lot of budget-friendly interior design tips. But what about the exterior of your home? Well there are plenty of budget friendly home exterior ideas also!

House wash
If you have never used house wash before, you will swear by it by the time you are done! House wash is a mild acid wash and cleaning solution that comes in a bottle, which is attached to your hose. You then turn on the hose and spray the solution onto the exterior walls of your house. It can be used on all sorts of surfaces – vinyl siding, brick, stone and more. House wash blasts away dirt, moss, mildew, insect nests, grass stains and basically any other grime that is sticking to the outside of your house. It can restore the front of your house to a bright brilliance. It’s inexpensive and, depending on the size of your house, you probably only need about 3-8 bottles of it to cover the exterior. This is actually a trick that realtors recommend before listing your home to make the exterior look newer.

Home landscaping is notoriously expensive, but there are ways that you can spruce up your landscaping without breaking the bank. For instance, mulch is only a few dollars per bag so instead of planting new trees or putting in new all new plants you can lay down some new mulch to fresh up front flower beds. If you do decide to purchase new flowers or plants, select ones that give you your money’s worth over time. Things like brightly colored flowers can go a long way in giving a flower bed a new face. Perennials will come back every year so you don’t need to buy new flowers each season. Ornamental grasses are also a good choice because they are very hearty so they will last for a long time after planting.

Garage doors can have a big impact on how the front of your home looks. While replacing them entirely can be expensive, if your garage doors are old and outdated you can spruce them up at a fraction of the cost by painting them or restoring the wood on them. If you have wooden garage doors re-staining them with a water sealing stain can make them look beautiful again and also help protect them for years to come. Similarly, your front door may need some updating as well and may benefit from painting. In many places colored front doors have different meanings. For instance, red front doors are known to signify “welcome.” Painting your front door will give it a whole new look and can really make the front of your house pop. If your house is a neutral brown, gray, beige or white color, adding a colored front door will make the home look more exciting.

Exterior home lighting isn’t cheap, but a lot of times you can find deals on lighting fixtures and landscape lighting. If you choose to go the route of solar lighting or led lighting, you may actually save yourself money in the long run. Consider switching out lighting fixtures that are mounted on your house with modern, vintage or even quirky lighting for a truly unique look. Install landscape ground lighting to highlight trees and flower beds for a stunning effect at night!

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