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Memorial Day Garage Sales

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect kick-off to summer. The weather is warmer, more people are out and about, and the new, unofficial season is a wonderful motivator to clean house. That’s why this first three-day weekend of spectacular weather is an ideal time for a garage sale to rid your home from a winter’s worth of accumulation and clutter. The biggest obstacles you may face may simply be where to begin. The following article will take you through each phase of a successful garage sale.


Organizing a garage sale is not as daunting a task as it sounds. The first step is to decide what items you and your family want to sell. Next, divide the items into categories. Keep the categories simple and straightforward. For example, musical items should be placed together in the same category to make browsing easier for a potential customer.

As you organize, this is the best time to discard items that are broken, beyond repair, dirty or stained and cannot be cleaned. Be sure to look through everything you plan to sell, including between the pages of old books, inside drawers, pockets, and sift through boxes completely. There is always the possibility that something important or sentimental was lost and can now be found, or was stored and forgotten about without your knowledge.


Remove anything from the garage and driveway that you have no intention of selling. Park your cars down the street to free up space for customers to park close to the house. Set up tables in the garage and in the driveway with space to walk between them. The beauty of having a garage sale is that if it rains, you don’t need to cancel the sale, just move everything into the garage.

Make sure items are stacked neatly, arranged in an orderly manner, and that boxes full of things are not a hodge-podge of unidentifiable stuff. Take the time to make signs to display in front of items describing what it is and for how much money you wish to sell it. If you are flexible with the price or open to negotiation, you might wish to state that on the signs as well. Signs are a great way to get the kids involved, and give you a bit of a break!


Advertising is another opportunity to employ the kids for sign making. Make signs that have big, bold lettering, bright colors to grab the attention of people passing by, and accurate information. Always write GARAGE SALE, the date and times you will be open for business, and the address. An arrow pointing the way is also helpful. Do not bother writing a list of items being sold at the sale on a poster. It will just clutter the text and make it hard to read. Post a more detailed description using a social media forum or other website open to the public.

Sales Approach

Many people holding a garage sale feel the need to hike up prices to make money. Prices that are set way too high, or unrealistic to begin with will send people away quickly. Be reasonable, open to bargaining, and, if something means too much to you, don’t sell it.

Clean Up

Following a garage sale, items will inevitably be left over. Divide the reaming items up to donate to charity, give away to churches or schools, or try to sell again via the internet. Large items or collectibles may be easier to sell online if they are accompanied by photographs

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