As the holiday season hits, you decorate your entire house with bright and colorful decorations but what about your lawn? Winter usually takes the color away from your lawn and just leaves behind gray, white and brown in its wake. If you have been ignoring it all this while, now is the time to start sprucing up the place for a great winter and New Year. The best way to add some texture, color and dimension to the area is by landscaping. Follow these landscaping tips and watch your lawn transform into something magical 

Berry Christmas

…and a Happy New Pier! There are a lot of shrubs and trees that have bright colored berries. Even during winter, berries are still held by these plants. Common options include crabapples that hold winter fruit and holly berries. You often notice birds feasting on these fruits. This might be a time to decorate these berried plants in a form of pier for amazing landscaping miracles in your lawn.

Tree Barks for Texture

In the winter, all your beautiful deciduous trees are sans leaves and this brings the trunks, barks and branches into focus. However, you don’t have to hide them. Ornamental trees that have distinctive and unique barks can be used to add holiday cheer to your lawn. Even smaller shrubs and trees would fit into your lawn easily during your winter landscaping project. Don’t ignore the browns in your lawn because they can instantly add color and texture.

Evergreens for Color

The best thing about evergreens is that they give you an amazing variety for adding color to your landscaping. This color is not just limited to green either. You can have evergreens in blues, gold, yellows and various other colors. Gold thread cypress and dwarf blue spruce are some good options to add to your lawn. Since they will stay all year round, you can tweak your landscape around these evergreens as the season changes. A lot of experts recommend the use at least 2 evergreens as borders for landscaping in the lawn.

Hardscape For Height

You don’t have to limit yourself to plants when it comes to the landscape of your lawn. This is the perfect time to look into the hardscape options for the area. You can add a garden sculpture, beautiful snow ornaments and figures, arbors, benches, trellis, bridges, arches, gateways and so much more. Just make sure that you are keeping the other seasons in mind when you do this. It should be easy to tweak the hardscape when the holiday season is over.

Ornamental Fall Containers for Decorations

Your summertime containers are landscaping essentials in winter. So, don’t throw away your containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. Instead, you can use them for certain evergreens. Remember to water them during dry periods and that is the end of your worries. Why spend extra money on plants when you have this? Make sure that you include a lot of different colors, textures and styles while filling your container. Some options include rhododendron, holly, Japanese Andromeda, broadleaf evergreens and dwarf Alberta.

Four Season Perennials For Dimension and Brightness

When you go for perennials, make sure you choose the 4 season ones so that they will give your lawn beautiful foliage in winter. The plant label often has important information regarding the same. Common options include low creeping foliage plants like dianthus, hellebores and ornamental grass.

This is also the time when bargain shops would offer you excellent deals for your lawn next year, since this is the off season. Write down a list and get working. And don’t forget your garage doors Roswell GA- decorate as the season dictates!

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