Today, most manufacturers treat garage door security with the same respect bestowed upon any exterior household or business door. These structures typically offer secure protection against unauthorized entry. Locked steel reinforced overhead doors with insulation typically provide a strong barrier against unauthorized access, for instance.

Key Security Tips

We recommend our customers in the Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee areas place a high priority upon garage door security! Even if you reside in an area with a low crime rate, you’ll prevent problems by always locking your garage’s automatic doors after every use. A secure garage door brings peace of mind. Additionally, ensure you possess ample lighting inside (and immediately outside) your garage. Taking this step ensures better visibility for the members of your household when they access the garage after dark.

After A Burglary…

If you sustain a burglary, after you file a police report we recommend asking a reputable locksmith to review the condition of your lock security. Ask the locksmith to check the locks on garage doors, also. Sometimes burglars use a forced entry to gain entry to locked premises. Intruders may damage lock mechanisms during this process. Additionally, criminals sometimes abscond with keys and door openers.

Prevent Garage Break in Problems

To reduce the chance of an unwelcome intrusion into the garage, make sure you maintain all garage doors, entrance doors and windows in good repair. Keep these access points to the premises locked when not in use. Trim away any tall vegetation growing against the exterior of the garage. Use frost, curtains or blinds to cover garage windows. Taking these steps thwarts would-be thieves from concealing themselves nearby and surveilling the interior. If you store valuable property inside your garage, you might also consider securing small items (such as hand tools) within locked chests or compartments. These precautions may help deter some thefts.

Common Garage Door Security Mistakes to Avoid

In residential neighborhoods, residents sometimes allow overhead doors to remain open or partly elevated during the day. This practice facilitates crimes of opportunity. Some burglaries occur because criminals simply walk into open garages and then enter the home through connecting entranceways or via enclosed back yards. Making a habit of securely locking the garage after every use helps make your residence a “harder target” for burglars. You should also consider installing deadbolt locks on interior doors connecting the garage to the residence.

Garage Door Locks

Today most automatic overhead doors include strong locks. When you door closes, it should shut securely. If you don’t have a locking garage door, or if your lock fails to function correctly, it makes sense to request expert repair assistance. A DIY overhead door lock may endanger security if it malfunctions.

Keep Door Openers Secure

Think of your garage door openers as keys to your property. You won’t want to share these devices with people you do not trust. If you lose a remote garage opener, consider requesting a locksmith’s assistance to obtain a replacement. Use “rolling code” technology in your remote for extra security; never leave the remote unattended in your vehicle.

Door Alarms

Finally, if you harbor security concerns about the safety of your garage, you can incorporate a garage door within most residential and commercial alarm systems. (You’ll want to pay close attention to the settings to avoid accidentally triggering false alarms.) Ask our company to assist you in obtaining reliable, high quality locking doors and remote openers for your garage to help protect your home and business assets!

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