Make Your Garage Safer For Your Children By Observing These 5 Safety Measures

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Children are very playful and curious beings by nature; they like playing with and touching everything that is accessible to them. Most of the time, they are quite oblivious of the danger they expose themselves to. Therefore, as a parent or a guardian, it is your duty and responsibility to make sure that they are safe even as they move around the house. Here are a few ways that children are affected by garage doors, and ways you can prevent them.

Prevent playing around the garage doors

It is not uncommon to hear instances of children who got hurt during playtime because a door banged on their head or hand, or their fingers got entrapped in between the door and the frame where the hinges are located. This may occur very innocently to them, but it is a very painful ordeal. In other cases, it may be so severe and life threatening that they actually have to undergo an amputation.

The best safety measure you can employ here is to train your children on the dangers of playing with doors, and to use door stoppers when they are open in order to prevent them from moving about and causing damage. Also, install sensors to sense when objects are on the doorway hence stop closing or reduce the speed with which they bang on the frame.

Do Away with damaged doors

Damaged doors may pose many harmful risks to your child and other people around you. Broken or dangling parts may inflict cuts and other injuries to your child, especially when they become curious to inspect it. Other damage such as broken springs and garage door openers may cause malfunctioning of the door. In the worst case scenario, the garage door may lose support and fall on your child as they pass under it; and this could be extremely fatal.

It is in your best interests to ensure that all broken parts are repaired or replaced in time to prevent further damage. This also means that you should undertake your maintenance and servicing as and when required to reduce the chances of such injuries coming about.

Stay away from contemporary glass or edgy designs

Take care when installing unique garage door designs, such as those that have glass panels, or unfinished edges. They may look trendy, but may not necessarily be child-friendly. In doing so, you will be endangering your child’s life especially in the event of a broken glass, or when they decide to play with the unrefined edges.

Make sure that you choose a more family-friendly design for your door, particularly one that does not involve fragile parts that can be broken easily. Also, clear up after installation and maintenance to remove any sharp objects that could harm your child as they play around.

Remediate lead paint dangers

Using lead paint on your garage doors can cause health risks to your child if they ingest bits of it or it enters their eyes accidentally. The lead dust can also get into your food and water and affect your health and that of other people. Some of the effects on your child can be permanent.

Consider removing the lead paint altogether and getting a safer alternative that still makes your door look good while observing health standards.

Don’t over-insulate

Covering your garage door with too much insulation material prevents any heat from leaving, and this may be a dangerous environment for your child to play in. Overheating may lead to fires especially where inflammable petrol is left around, or it leaks from the vehicle’s fuel tank.

Therefore, to prevent such serious problems from coming up, leave some room in the garage door to conduct excess heat away and keep the air in the garage cool. Additionally, avoid leaving dangerous chemicals and petrol lying around.

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