Garage doors are typically large, metallic pieces that open electronically to accommodate your vehicle. Though this is their traditional use, there are many unique garage doors that you can install to give your home or business that extra pizzazz.  Unusual, unique or glass, All Four Seasons Garage doors East Cobb, GA  can make it happen for you!


Unusual garage doors

Typically, a garage door is made of a metallic sheet that swivels up over your roof. However, you don’t have to be limited to this traditional option. To add some flair to your home try choosing a unique material. Garage doors can be made of glass, wood, or aluminum. Not only can you add variety to the material but opting to replace typical garage doors with outward opening or door like features can add a unique style to your garage and increase your curb appeal. This possibility is also great for those with lower ceilings or limited inner space.


A garage door on a restaurant? Yes, it may seem strange, but this unique feature may be just what you need to attract business. By using a glass garage door to replace walls or windows in your restaurant you open choices to your customers. One option is to replace all the walls with glass garage doors, so you can easily accommodate your guests with an outdoor dining experience. Imagine, with the click of a button, your guests can go from eating inside to outside.

Alternatively, bar owners may choose to replace only a half wall. Not only is this ideal for the colder seasons, but the unusual garage door will provide security during closing hours. Having a unique garage door replace typical shutters on a bar front will spice up your bar’s style. This provides the possibility of intriguing customers with your location.


Garage doors are an excellent option for houseboats. Picture waking up each morning to enjoy your coffee with the cool sea breeze hitting your face. All from the comfort of your living room. Some owners replace the walls of their home with easy open glass panels. You can choose doors that open outwards or up. The garage doors can also be used to store smaller boats. During stormy days, debris flies around thrashing into your boat. Nobody wants their hard-earned money to go to waste, which is why you might want to consider investing in a boat garage. The garage door will provide your boat with safety, offering coverage from harsh winds and flying particles.

Interior design

Interior design is all about finding modern ways to liven up your home. By replacing typical walls with a glass door garage

Man caves, you will up the value of your home. You can choose to replace doors with outward swinging garages or panels that lift upward to conserve space. This feature allows the sun to stream into your home and brighten up your living space.

Everyone needs an escape now and then. You can convert a section of your home into a fun man cave by replacing a wall with a garage door. Envision having a bar, arcade, or both in your home. By adding a garage door to your area, you offer your friends the beauty of nature. Let the fresh air pour in while you serve drinks and chat among some of your closest buddies. They will be wowed by your unique entertainment and enticed to visit whenever they can.

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