Replacing Your Garage Door Can Increase Your Property Value

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It is a lazy weekend morning in the suburbs; you are enjoying yourself as you pore through your latest magazines with a nice cup of coffee. The kids are staying at their grandparent’s house this weekend and you and your husband have throughly enjoyed having the house to yourself. It is a rare occurrence and is very greatly appreciated. As your husband pulls up to the garage returning from a morning donut run, he notes that the garage door is making a grinding sound that is more intrusive than usual. Both of you have known for a while that it is only a matter of time before the garage doors need replacing. When your husband eyes your magazines, he realizes that you have turned to page that showcases the beautiful exteriors of picturesque homes. Though these homes are very different in style, they share the commonality of having garage doors that seamlessly complement the home’s structure and design.

When your husband utters his latest grievance with the garage door, you gently nudge that you think it is time to replace the garage door. You would like a door that captures a bit of your home’s character. You have marveled over homes that have beautiful carriage doors, but your husband is not entirely sold. Your old garage door was metal and was supposed to be very manageable, but the kids managed to put a very sizable dent in the door by constantly banging a basketball against it. You urged your husband that wooden doors would look so much nicer and would complement your home’s cottage like architecture. Also the old garage door looked so mundane, you can’t really blame the kids for wanting to bounce a ball against it. You might need to look into new garage doors Sandy Springs GA!

Your husband wants to put on his Mr. Fix-it hat and urges that the garage door is perfectly fine except that it might need some parts replaced. He goes out to the garage and tries to examine the door’s mechanism and then walks away an hour or so later mumbling to himself. You happen to look up garage door repair information online and point out that some repairs can be so costly that it is better to replace the garage door in the long run. Letting out a sigh, your husband finally caves and admits that indeed it would probably be a good opportunity to replace the garage door.

Though you had your heart set on the wooden carriage style doors, you put your bias aside to weigh some of the benefits of both types of doors. Of course the obvious difference is that metal garage doors get dents and bangs and wooden doors do rot and need coats of varnish. But you stumble across the fact that remodeling your garage door can add much property value to your home. Because of the nature of your husband’s business, you know that it could be reality that you might have to move within the next two years. You point out how a carriage steel door could add much property value and could be strong investment and your husband is all ears. You smile to yourself because it appears that at least for the next two years you will get to enjoy the beautiful carriage style doors that will look charming with your cottage style home.

After the doors are installed, you stand back and admire them. It makes your home appear more welcoming from the street and the neighbors seem to take notice. Your husband is happy because he has to admit they perk up the property. The kids can still play basketball in the driveway without worrying about getting punished for putting dents in the garage door. Your home looks beautiful and everybody wins.

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