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Improving the curb appeal of your home does not have to be an expensive venture if you know which areas of the home’s exterior are most attractive to potential home buyers. Many of these home improvements are very inexpensive and can quickly transform the overall look of your home. From landscaping to small maintenance projects, here are just a few projects you can easily tackle to retain the value in your home and improve the overall curb appeal.

The Driveway Edge

The first thing many people focus on when they look at your home is the driveway that invites them up towards the home. When grass is growing over the edge of the driveway it gives the home a more unkempt and sloppy appearance. Using edging equipment requires you to run that tool up and down the driveway frequently to keep the lines nice and clean. An easier solution is to visit your local home center and purchase some decorative stone pavers to line each edge of the driveway. They are simple to install and will immediately transform the look of the front of the home. The pavers will keep a nice straight line even when the grass grows tall. A line trimmer can be easily run along the pavers occasionally to keep the grass from growing over the top.

The Garage Door

With a beautiful edge to your driveway, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to an outdated or weathered garage door. Broken and discolored garage doors can really hurt the overall curb appeal of the home. Take time to contact your local garage door Atlanta GA expert installer and inquire about getting new garage doors. They come in a variety of colors and styles that easily will match the theme of the home’s exterior. Garage doors that resemble an old style carriage door can give your home a brand new look and help to increase the curb appeal. This unique type of garage door appears to open side by side like the doors you would see in the older style homes, when in fact they operate exactly like the modern style doors. Window treatments can be added to your home that match the door and tie the whole look together.

Replace the Hardware

The locks and kick plate on your front door get weathered very quickly and lose their shine over the years. Paint the front door a new exciting color and add all new gold colored hardware. The handle, locks, and kick plates can all be replaced to create the appearance of a brand new entryway. Purchase matching color numbers and install them along the door to add a nice finishing touch to your home exterior.

Brand New Mailbox

Take down that old mailbox with the rotted wooden post and replace with a new stone mailbox with attached numbers. The mailbox is the first thing that will draw in the eyes and can set the tone for transforming the look of your property. Try to purchase a mailbox that matches the appearance of the rest of the home. Once the mailbox is installed, purchased some flowers and plant them around the base of the stones or post to add some additional appeal. Make sure to purchase low lying plants that will not become overgrown and take away from the uniqueness of your new mailbox.

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