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Painting a wooden garage door is an easy task. Many may hire a professional but why waste money on a simple project that you can do yourself for very little cost? Although easy, it is important to do the job correctly because a poor job will be quite obvious. For this reason you must take the time to prepare before you do any actual painting. Here is how to paint wooden garage doors Atlanta GA.


Begin by sanding the doors including recessed and raised panels. A smooth painting surface is the goal. For doors that have previously been painted, use a plastic scraper along with an orbital sander with medium grit sandpaper to remove paint blisters, peeling paint and bumps.

After sanding is complete fill in any holes, indentations or pits with a vinyl based spackling compound. To apply, use a plastic putty knife. Once spackling is complete, allow to completely dry before sanding. Since the areas are smaller, sandpaper can be used as well as an orbital sander. Next, wash the doors thoroughly with water and a mild detergent to remove any dust, dirt and debris left over from sanding. Rinse and allow to dry completely before continuing with preparation.

Once your doors are completely dry, cover your garage door handle along with exposed hinges with plastic and secure with painter’s tape. Apply oil-alkyd or exterior latex primer using a 2 inch paintbrush with natural bristles. It is suggested to start at the top of the door and work your way down. When this layer has been applied use a 1 inch brush to apply primer to small crevices. Dry time will vary depending on manufacturer instructions. Follow with a second coat and dry.


With a paint stirrer, stir paint while in the can. With a 1-2 inch paint brush paint raised or recessed panels. Be sure to begin at the top of the door and work your way down. Also be sure to paint thin layers to prevent paint drip. Next, pour some paint into a paint tray and dip paint roller into paint. Remove any excess and apply paint in a smooth, thin layer to the top of the door as well as the frame and around panels. Allow to dry before a second coat is applied. When painting, remember to stir the paint about every 30 minutes.

Apply a second coat to the raised or recessed panels of your doors with paintbrush and follow by painting with the paint roller. Dry as directed by manufacturer and apply as many coats as directed.

Overall, it is not difficult to paint your wooden garage doors Atlanta GA. All you need are the right supplies, a little direction, and some time. The important thing to remember is that preparation is crucial to achieving a perfectly painted surface. It is always ideal to start with a smooth, primed surface. Once preparation is done, paint the doors with thin coats and allow to dry in between applications. When all steps are complete you will have perfectly painted garage doors to accent your beautiful home.

Painting your garage doors Atlanta GA is a great way to freshen up the look of your home exterior, to add curb appeal, and even increase your home value. Do it before it gets too hot in the summer!

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