Commercial Garage Doors Foot HillsSome features need to be put into consideration when selecting the suitable type of a commercial garage door. Factors to consider include thermal efficiency, security concerns, and window space for adequate light and visibility purposes. This article will take you through the different types of commercial garage doors available in the market together with their desirable features.


Types of Commercial garage doors

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of commercial and industrial garage doors that can be found in Forest Hills TN or the Nashville metro area. The most common types of commercial garage doors include one piece garage door, roll up garage door, and the sectional garage door.

The One Piece Garage Door

This is a solid door that swings up. The door kicks out at the bottom when opened and retraces its path when it closes. The one piece garage door is the standard commercial garage door that was developed early in the history of garage doors. It was replaced by the sectional garage door that came very popular in the market due to later innovations in the industry. These doors tend to be the least expensive, but lack some of the flexibility of other designs. They open to a maximum of around 7-8 feet. They operate with springs on the sides that are attached to the door to make it easier to open. As the door ages, the springs need to be replaced or they may break causing damage or injury.

The Sectional Garage Door

Sectional Garage Doors have been designed to use separate sections instead of a solid single panel. Sectional Garage Doors for commercial use have been designed typically for to fit in 14 feet of door height. Typical garage doors of this design utilize a number of panels that measure a width of 24 inches. The doors are most appropriate when thermal efficiency is a primary concern. The joints between the panels have been designed to generate minimal noise possible and also operate quietly. A significant backroom or headroom is also necessary for the better functioning of the garage door. Sectional garage doors meant for security purpose and thermal efficiency are designed in a variety of thickness level and insulation. Sectional garage doors provide durability due to the insulation that has been sandwiched between the two steel skins. The doors also offer good structural integrity and soundproofing. Another type of the sectional garage door is the steel ribbed garage door. These doors are ideal for an environment where temperature regulation is not a big issue. Aluminum rail and stile garage doors are another type of sectional garage doors. These doors don’t allow for the use of any glass due to its special design, but are excellent for heavily used warehouse or shop doors.

Choose a Garage Door- The Roll Up Garage Door

Roll up doors use steel slats to allow for the tight retraction of the door. The garage doors are capable of rolling up enabling them to be stored in coil right on top of the opening. Roll up garage doors are a good solution for providing security against unauthorized entry. The doors are also the best for protection against adverse weather, protecting the interior and exterior openings of commercial property. Roll up garage doors are a good choice when the opening headroom is insufficient or not available. The doors have also been designed to offer maximum durability and strength, manufactured to adhere to stringent code standards providing a long-lasting, reliable performance. Roll up garage doors are also available as insulated or uninsulated models in a variety of gauges. You can also order for rolling fire doors that are available in a variety of gauges, slat profiles, and colors.

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