Commercial garage doors at not at all like residential garage doors. They need to be tougher, to withstand the elements. Commercial garage doors also tend to be much larger than normal residential doors, as they generally house much larger items, such as boats or trailers. Commercial garage doors also need to be resistant to break ins and tampering.

There are several types of commercial garage doors Atlanta GA has to offer. Each of them has their specific use, advantages, and disadvantages. Read carefully before making your purchase, to find the commercial garage door that suits your commercial garage needs.

Sectional doors are perhaps the most common types of commercial garage doors Atlanta GA busineses use. They look the most like residential doors: they are built out of several different hinged panels. Each panel is made out of steel or aluminum for maximum strength and durability.

These types of commercial garage doors are generally cheaper and easier to install when compared to other types. They are highly adaptable to a wide variety of garage shapes and sizes. However, problems such as tangled sections. They are generally used in loading docks and warehouses.

Rolling steel doors are much tougher than sectional doors. Each rolling steel door is made out of dozens of small “panels”, which made out of strong stainless steel. The individual panels are much smaller than the panels in a sectional door. They are also easier to store, as they simply roll up on themselves and out of sight.

Rolling steel doors are also much stronger, withstanding much heavier impacts. Rolling steel door types include counter doors, security grilles, and service doors. Generally, these types of doors are used a, concession stand doors. Often, they are much smaller than other commercial garage doors.

Commercial traffic garage doors are the types of doors you see closing store fronts in malls. They are similar to rolling steel doors, but are often perforated to let in air. This does not compromise their security, but simply lets the store have access to fresh air. Often, these type of doors separate individual stores, to help coral customers from one to another.

Traffic commercial garage doors are also common in theaters, dance clubs, and any other business that has a large clientele. Traffic doors help keep customers out when the store is closed and helps protect the store from the prying hands of potential robbers. They have become all but essential for most businesses these days. They would not make a suitable storage garage door, however, as they would let in the elements, such as wind and rain.

The last type of commercial garage door on the market, is the fire door. Fire doors are unique when compared to other commercial garage doors. They are designed to be closed only in a fire emergency situation. They will close up over delicate items, such as items in a store or storage garage, and protect the items from fire related damage.

As a result, they are designed to be incredibly resistant to fire. Each is built out of galvanized or stainless steel. Most fire door guides are installed along the floor, to help make them easier to unfurl. Sometimes, they have an automatic option that will kick on in the event of a fire. Most will have a push button control remote. This is useful if you spot a fire from a distance and want to get your doors closed as soon as possible.

Whatever type of commercial garage door you decide to invest in, make sure that you pick only the finest, most high quality door dealer.

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