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The history of the garage door stretches back predating anyone who is still living today. The garage door has even been considered as being developed before automobiles. The common garage door dates back as far as 450 B.C. Actually, these were gates that served the purpose of preventing entry into gatehouses. By putting a door in the gatehouse entry, it would be an extra hard task stealing a chariot.

Some may say that the garage door was developed at about the same time as the automobile. But to be more precise, the garage door was there at the time of horse and buggy. After all, the buggies had to be stored somewhere. Basically, in those days, the garage door was the same as the barn door. Many of the wealthy could afford carriage houses, but most used a barn door. These “garage doors” were simple, wooden doors, sometimes opening outward. Later, sliding doors would be the next experimentation.

After the automobile was created, parking lots starting being built. The birth of the modern garage door came after people started wanting a place to store their automobiles. Automobiles were beginning to become affordable – not just for the wealthy – but the middle class. People who could now own automobiles wanted somewhere to store them. Sears catalogues starting advertising garages and garage doors through their catalogues. Garages were starting to be built closer to peoples homes until they actually starting becoming a part of the home.

At the start of the 1920s, garages became more common, with the first electric garage door idea appearing in 1926. Garages became strong points when selling homes. In the 1940s, garages starting becoming the norm. Garages started allowing entry from inside the garage to get inside the home.The garage doors at the time were somewhat more crude than they are today.

For those who have owned their homes for any period of time, they have probably had to deal with garage doors and repairing them. Nowadays, garage doors are not just aesthetics, but are forms of safety.

As a homeowner, one of the most important things to remember is that repairing the door on your own can become hazardous and destructive to your home. But at the same time, don’t be fooled by garage repair companies that want to charge you excessive fees in repairing your garage door, whether it be in additional parts or services. So how do you set up a boundary to know when to call a professional and whether or not to accept services?

Modern day garage doors are made with safety features that are designed to keep you safe. Most garage doors, for example, are made to stop if there is the detection of an object under it while it is closing. The situation can be made worse if you are trying to repair it yourself, due to the fact that many of the safety mechanisms on the garage door work together. Be careful if you are trying to repair these doors yourself – you could get injured. Hinges on garage doors that have a lot of tension could snap and you could be injured. It may be best – at this point – to leave the repairs up to the professionals.

If you want to keep from being overcharged for garage door repairs,make sure to have a rudimentary understanding of how that garage door works. After developing a basic understanding of the operating garage door, then reach out to a reputable company. Make sure the company has an excellent track record (you can see for yourself online these days) so that you can be sure of what you are paying for.

You can only maintain a safe home and environment if you have the garage door repaired properly. But remember, garage doors add something to the home: beauty.

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