Garage Doors Kennesaw GA

So you live around Kennesaw, Georgia and you’re looking to keep your garage door in excellent condition? Keeping garage doors in pristine condition may sound like a near impossible task, but maintaining your door doesn’t have to be! Keep reading for a few helpful tips to help you maintain your beautiful door today!


All garage doors, no matter the size, age, or initial cost need regular maintenance. You must clean and oil your door on a regular basis to keep it operating smoothly. Here are a few tips to keeping your door clean and working properly.

Tip Number One

Do regular inspections of your door. This is arguably the most simple tip to keeping your door working properly. It involves the least amount of time and effort, but can prevent a great deal of work down the road. Simply go out to your garage and look at your door. Check to see if dirt, dust, or other debris is collecting in the track, the hinges, or any other small crevices. If you notice that there is a build-up of some sort simply clean it out. It will do you no good to let it build up and become a big problem when you have the ability to stop it now. Inspect your door as often as you can. Set a weekly reminder on your phone or calendar. This is important so don’t forget!

Tip Number Two

Wipe down the door. This seems like a no-brainer. Dust isn’t something that can always be seen, but if left to build up it can cause a host of major problems. Don’t let that happen to you! Wipe down your door at least once a month. This is especially true for a month that you haven’t used your door as often as you normally would- maybe December or January for example. Wiping down the door is simple. For the outside of the door you can get away with just washing it down with a hose. The inside of the door and its mechanisms are a little trickier. Take a bucket with warm or hot soapy water and a rag out to your garage. Wipe the doors, the hinges, and the track in the same way you would clean a wall. Remember to clean the areas with oil as well. These areas can become sludgy with dirt and debris. Add clean oil to the areas that need it and you’re done! This simple step will save you loads of back-ache later if you have to tear apart the system to clean out a clog!

Tip Number Three

Fix it when it needs fixing! This also seems like a no-brainer but it is often neglected. If you hit your door or weather damages it, get it fixed as soon as you are able. If you find lots of dents in your door you may buy or rent a cheap dent puller. Even small dents can interfere with the success of the track on your door. If your track is broken, replace it. If your door won’t open, check to make sure that it is not blocked or bent. If you have an automatic door make sure that the sensors are always clear and that you always have a working battery in your control. If your entire system has taken a beating beyond repair, replace it so that it doesn’t hurt anyone. Some things are just worth replacing.

These three simple tips will definitely keep your garage door in the best operating condition. If you start with tips one and two you may find that you never need tip number three!

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