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Garage doors are nearly unnoticeable when they function properly and smoothly. When the doors break down or start having problems, however, homeowners need to take action quickly to ensure everyone in the family isn’t inconvenienced, or worse, injured. You might be tempted to handle problems that come up with your yourself, but that can be a mistake for several reasons.

Temptations to replace your own garage doors

The primary reason you might be tempted to consider repairing a garage door yourself is the money you’ll save. You won’t have to pay a service call charge that diagnoses the problem, and you also won’t need to pay labor costs when the repair is done. Your neighbor or your dad or your brother-in-law may tell you that he fixed his garage door himself without any problem, but his repair might have been minor. Unless you have the experience and the necessary tools on hand, it’s not a good idea to attempt a major repair yourself, or even a less extensive repair that requires specialized tools.

Reasons replacing garage doors can be dangerous

There are several reasons do-it-yourself garage door repair can be unsafe. The most dangerous repair a garage door will likely need is torsion spring replacement. Torsion springs are the large metal coils installed above the garage door that store the energy needed to lift and lower the heavy door. Since garage doors typically weigh between 150 and 250 pounds, these torsion springs need to be very tightly wound to work properly. If you improperly release the spring mechanism or it breaks during a repair, the instantaneously released tension can send the heavy metal spring slamming into your body, likely resulting in serious injury.

Another reason do-it-yourself garage door repair may not be a good idea is due to the way you must approach the repair job. It’s nearly inevitable that you’ll need to get up on a ladder to do at least some of the repairs. Falls are listed as the top cause of accidental injury or death in the home. Working atop a ladder, on a roof overhang or an elevated platform of any kind can increase the risk of falling and seriously hurting yourself.

Liability issues raised when you replace your own garage doors

Liability is a factor you might not have even considered when thinking about repairing your own garage door. If you make a repair that later fails and injures someone, you could be held legally responsible for his or her medical costs. If the injury is caused by a torsion spring breaking, the possibility exists that you might even be found criminally negligent.

Even if it isn’t a person but instead their property that is damaged, you still might be in financial hot water if you’ve done the garage door repairs yourself. Your own homeowners’ insurance company might not be willing to pay the claim if it discovers the work was done improperly or was not completed. Once you’ve sold your house, the garage door repair could still come back to haunt you. Damage or injury to the new owner’s own family or property, or to his guests, could become a legal and financial quagmire of court cases, medical fees and legal costs.

Making sure that your garage door is properly repaired is easy when you call on All Four Seasons Garage Doors Goodlettsville TN. The company has built a reputation with its expert installation and maintenance services. The company charges an inexpensive $20 service call to assess the problem with your garage door and is known for its competitive pricing. If you have problems with your garage door on the weekend, at night or during a holiday, you won’t have to wait hours or even days for service. The company prides itself on its quick dispatch to service calls. Don’t run the risk of hurting yourself or others when your garage door stops working properly. Call on All 4 Seasons for expert repair for your Garage Doors Goodlettsville TN.


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