There is nothing more annoying than leaving your house and realizing your garage door won’t open. People do not realize how often their garage doors are used until it doesn’t open or close. Garages are the easiest and most convenient way to gain access to your home. There are several different causes for a garage door not to open. Some of them are easy fixes and others are more complicated. If it is a more complicated situation (such as broken springs), finding professional garage door repair is the best option. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Easy Fixes

There are several simple reasons why a garage door won’t open, some are obvious and some require a little more searching. The most obvious reason could be that the power source has come unplugged. It is important to check all electrical cords after realizing the door is stuck closed. Also, verify that your outlet still works and did not stop for some reason. If the outlet does not work with another item, an electrician might be needed.

With today’s technology most people use remotes to open and close garage doors. If you are trying to use these, try opening the garage door from the wall button or keypad. If it opens with the wall button then your remote needs to be checked or replaced. It could need new batteries or reprogramming.

The photo eye projector is what senses items or people under the garage door. It should be cleaned regularly. If your door will not open, carefully wipe your photo eye, something as simple as this can fix your problem. These are all simple fixes that can be repaired on your own. It pays to check them before you call a professional.

Complicated Fixes

There are many complicated problems that should be repaired by professionals. One problem could be that the wires at the top of the projector are not working properly. Inspect the wires that go from your projector through your ceiling. Be careful not to touch, but look for any erosion. It is important to seek a technician to avoid serious injuries when dealing with electrical components.

Another problem could be the torsion springs. The torsion spring assists the motor in lifting the door by using tension. If these are broken then the motor will no longer open your garage door. Always call a professional garage door repair service for these type of problems. Do not risk your own health for a few bucks saved. Opening a door with damaged springs can cause serious injuries. If the springs are broken then it is a high possibility that a cable is also broken. Broken cables can cause various damages so caution should be taken when investigating the cable status after springs are broken.

One other cause could be the track. Inspect your track and look for any dents or evidence of it not being completely straight. Straightening or replacing a garage door track can be very complicated. To avoid more damages, call a profesisonal in your area for garage door repair.

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