Garage doors are an important part of your home’s external look. Your garage door is more than just a functional piece of your house. It’s a way to express yourself by adding a touch of personality to the outside of your home. A beautiful garage door adds to the overall aesthetic of your house and adds to its curb appeal. A necessary part of any well-kept home, a beautiful garage door increases not only the value of the house, but by giving the house a well-appointed appearance, it raises the value of the surrounding neighborhood

Unfortunately, garage doors take a lot of abuse and can get dinged up and fall into poor repair.

As with any part of the home, maintenance and repair is needed to keep your garage door looking good and functioning properly. Unless the problem with your garage door is relatively minor, you should consider calling a repair service to see about fixing it. Given the mechanized nature of automatic garage doors, it is possible to get caught up in them while attempting a fix. Should they start up, you could potentially loose fingers, a limb, or possibly even end up getting killed. Problems with the torsion spring are especially dangerous. You should never attempt a do it yourself fix on them. A properly trained garage door repair service person will be able to safely make repairs and keep your garage door operating smoothly. There are, however, a number of smaller do it yourself fixes you can do on your own, that are safe for anyone to do, when the garage door won’t open.

Frozen out

When your garage door won’t open during freezing weather, don’t sit and push the button repeatedly. This may cause damage to the garage door opener and strip the gears, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. Check to make sure that ice hasn’t accumulated under the door, freezing it to the driveway. If it has, simply pour warm water on it to thaw it out. Once the ice is gone and the garage door is opened, be sure to wipe up any remaining water.

The garage door won’t respond to the remote control

If you’ve checked the batteries in your remote and you checked that the remote hasn’t been deprogrammed and the problem still persists, there are a few things that might be causing the trouble. First, try cleaning off the beam sensor’s eye with a damp, clean rag. It’s low to the ground and can easily get covered with dirt, dust or mud. Check to be sure the sensor is still plugged in, too. If that doesn’t work, then check to see if the garage door opener is actually plugged in. It may seem unnecessary, but you’ll feel better checking it yourself than paying someone else to do it. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging it and plunging it back in again. Once again, this may sound silly, but what you’re really doing is resetting the sensors. If it still won’t work, you may have inadvertently set the locking mechanism on the door. Refer to your owner’s manual to see how to reset it. If none of these fixes work, pull the red release cord to operate the door manually, until you can get a professional repair technician out to fix the problem.

Garage doors are an essential part of the architecture of your house. Keep them well maintained and they will continue to add beauty and value to your home and neighborhood.

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