The repair of a garage door, whether due to age or malfunction, is a good time to know the real limits of your handyman ability. The use of a commercial garage door repair company can save you time, money and possibly a trip to the hospital.

Most modern garage doors consist of several basic types of control systems and moving equipment. The most common types are either chain driven or a screw type mechanism that raises and lowers the door along tracks affixed to the wall. Simple enough, as long as it continues working properly. However, these systems contain many moving and inter connecting parts that must work in harmony or else you get doors that do not operate properly.

Malfunctioning garage doors

The malfunctioning of a garage door, much like the attempted repair of same, can be both frustrating and dangerous. The frustrating part for the do-it-yourself repair man comes in the number of possible problems with a system. The most common systems consist of a control motor unit that receives the signal to operate from either a remote or static mounted opener. Upon receiving the signal to operate, the motor will turn a series of gears that moves a chain in the desired direction. Screw type units also act in this way but in a circular motion, much like a drive shaft of a car. The door will have a hook device attached that will catch the chain links, or fit into a holder in the screw type systems. As the chain or screw moves the door will raise or lower until closed. Most garage door control units are sealed systems and the only access a normal person has is the control and reset buttons. For example, if you have a problem with a garage door not going up and down smoothly or in a timely fashion, these buttons can be useful for the adjusting of the tension of the spring or screw. This adjustment will allow the door to travel either more quickly or will slow it down. Beyond these basic adjustments, it is advisable to have a trained professional get involved.

Garage Door Repair Safety

The normal garage door will also have a powerful spring attached to the top of the door frame of the house. This spring tightens to keep pressure of the door to prevent it from sliding freely up and down along the tracks. This allows the home or business owner a measure of security. This spring also presents perhaps the biggest potential for serious injury to the do it yourself repair attempt. The door spring is very powerful and must be wound and unwound under tremendous pressure to properly make repairs and adjustments. A common injury occurs when an untrained person, normally using improper equipment, attempts to work on the spring. The force unleashed by an out of control spring can cause serious damage to a person. Added to the initial injury is the fact that most of the time the would-be repair man is standing on a ladder and can fall thereby suffering other injuries. A commercial garage door repair person will have the knowledge and equipment to properly work on all components of the system. Beyond the mere diagnostic function, knowledge and tools designed to work on electrical or high tension springs is essential.

The benefit of using a commercial garage repair company is obvious given the nature and risk of not just trying to repair it yourself but in the operation of a garage door. The weight and size presents a real hazard to people, especially small children. Unfortunately, there have been deaths and serious injuries caused by malfunctioning garage doors. The knowledge that the door system was properly repaired by a commercial garage door repair company is well worth the expense.

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