The Five Scariest Garage Door Dangers

It goes without saying that a garage door is a vital part of a garage. A typical garage door is constructed of durable materials for some very important reasons. It’s essentially a wall in one’s home that will be moved several times a day. Imagine how long any other part of the house would last if it was subjected to that amount of stress. However, there is a downside to that durability. 350 lbs of moving metal can pose risks if something goes wrong. At the same time, by understanding what might go wrong one can ensure it never happens.

The Weight

A typical garage door weighs between 250 lbs and 350 lbs. It’s a huge weight that is almost certain to do a lot of damage if something goes wrong. Imagine how much it would hurt to have a plate from even a small hand weight fall onto your foot. Now multiply that by thirty-five times and imagine it striking every point of your body all at once. Even when a garage door is working perfectly, one should always respect it’s weight.

Broken Springs

The weight isn’t only a danger to people. The springs which move the garage door are also fighting a constant battle to raise and lower it. Lifting that heavy a load every day can take a toll on even the most solidly built springs. It only takes about six to eight years of use before a garage door spring will begin to fail. When the spring breaks, the garage door will often simply fall to the ground. Anything or anyone in the area at the time will have a high chance of being hit by the full force of that blow.

Thankfully, one can easily take care of the wear and tear on springs. The general minimum time for damage to appear on a spring is around six years. So one can simply call in to have them replaced every five years. A little long term planning can literally save lives.

Potential Energy Carried by the Spring

There’s a reason why the garage door’s weight is first on the list. Most of the dangers related to garage doors can be traced back to the weight of the door. In this case, the danger relates to how much force is needed to lift that much weight. There’s a good reason why one should call in the professionals to change the torsion springs. A spring needs so much built up power that it can literally sever a person’s arm if it were to come loose. Trained professionals in garage door repair Roswell GA know the dangers, and they know how to deal with them. Never try to repair or replace a garage door’s springs on your own.

Garage Fires

A typical garage contains loose papers, gasoline, and a machine which has been known to overheat. Many house fires have been tracked back to malfunctioning garage door openers. There’s several different reasons why this might happen. But in general, they will all come down to an issue of malfunctioning hardware. Machines wear down over time. A garage door opener will typically stay functional and safe for a very long time. That said, keep it in mind when you call someone to replace the springs. Every five years you can have someone take a quick look at the garage door opener to verify that it’s still working in a safe and efficient manner.

A Child’s Curiosity

Every parent knows how tempting a button can be to a child. Kids find something magical in the chain of cause and effect. Making big things happen by pressing a small button can be quite the temptation for a child. Sadly, many children have died while treating garage door openers like a toy. Parents should ensure that the garage door opener button in the garage is around five feet or more from the ground. Any portable garage door openers should also be kept far away from the curious hands of small children.

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