Best if used by…“–this phrase is common on many household items. The intent is that products have a finite “life” span of which the consumer needs to be aware. This helps the homeowner make wise purchasing decisions and prudent plans for the future. Unfortunately, expiration dates are not stamped on other parts of the home and many times a person is surprised when a furnace, faucet, or fixture has failed due to “old age.” The garage door and its related hardware is one example of a waiting “surprise” for the unwitting homeowner, who may never plan to replace this largest moving part in his home. Yet, if an individual is aware of the “life expectancy” of a garage door, he or she can better plan for replacement/repair and avoid unpleasant “surprises.”

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The average home has a sixteen foot wide garage door. While this is the most visible component of the garage door system, there are three other main parts: the tracks that the door’s metal side casters roll along, the large torsion springs and the rod/drum assembly to which the springs attach, and the automatic opener that raises the door. Each part has a lifespan that a homeowner needs to understand.

The garage door itself is the costliest single item of the system, ranging in price from $200 to $4000. An average cost reported for a new door installed approximately a $1000. A generation ago these doors were made of wooden frames and panels and required regular painting. Unless properly maintained, moisture and sunlight would easily damage these doors and force their replacement. Modern doors have a greater life expectancy due to more durable materials. With inner metal structures and outer skins of vinyl, steel, aluminum or fiberglass these modern doors require less maintenance and have a longer life. As a result, today’s garage doors can be expected to last 15-30 years before needing replacement–a significant “life expectancy” improvement.

The powerful torsion springs are another important component of the garage door, especially since they enable a 300 pound door to be easily lifted. The normal door has two of these springs placed on a long metal rod anchored above the door capped by metal drums on the ends. These drums retract and deploy the braided metal cable that transfers the spring’s power to the door itself. The average garage door is lowered and raised 1500 times a year, each time putting stress on these powerful springs, so replacement is normal for such a used item. The normal homeowner can expect the coil springs to last about 12 years before needing replacement. Such a repair is strongly recommended to be done only by trained professionals due to the risk of injury or death from incorrectly installed springs.

Finally, the automatic door lifting system is the component with the shortest life span. Experts estimate that the average homeowner will have to replace these automatic lifting systems every 10-15 years. Fortunately, this component is relatively inexpensive when compared to other parts of the garage door system. The average cost of the automatic system installed by a garage door service Brentwood TN professional is $1300-$1600.

While the cost of the entire garage door system of the normal U.S. home is only a fraction of the entire value of the home, the replacement of individual components can still bring great stress to a middle-class homeowner on a tight budget. The best way to defuse such stress is to be aware that even a garage door system should have the phrase “Best if used by….” stamped on it, and to plan for replacement costs from time to time.

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