Do It Yourself or not?  Garage Doors Acworth GA

Did you know that there are 30,000 accidental injuries every day in the United States caused due to garage doors? Some of these injuries are minor and people escape with a few scratches. However, others involve debilitating accidents and at times, death. This is why people should always trust professional garage door repair companies for fixing their garage doors.

Here are a few dangers of attempting to repair your garage door yourself with the help of DIY tips and tricks –

Heavy Garage Doors Can Fall During Repair

Garage doors tend to weigh something around 100 to 200 lbs and even when the fall is short, it can cause some serious injuries because of the weight of the door. Most people suffer this injury because the door restraints are not connected properly and the door slips. Sometimes, garage doors can also break or get chipped when they fall down during DIY repair. Professionals are trained enough to check the connections before they remove the door.

Ruptured Garage Door Torsion Springs Can Cause Injuries

Garage door torsion springs are heavy duty in nature and are tightly wound. Faulty garage door springs not only need to repaired but they are also rewound afterwards so that they can function at top efficiency. This requires a lot of power. They must be repaired by a professional who understands the working of garage doors. Many people have sustained fractures and serious injuries when they attempt to repair the garage door and the spring ruptures.

Using A Ladder To Fix A Garage Door Is A Safety Hazard

A lot of accidents happen in the country because people fall down from a height. This fall can lead to concussions, fractures, hip breaks and so much more. Plus, there need to be multiple people present so that one person is holding the door, one is attaching it, and another person is holding the ladder steady for added safety. Combined with the weight of the door, using home ladders is an even bigger danger. Homeowners shouldn’t risk their safety and must call a garage door repair professional for this purpose.

Purchasing Replacement Parts and Tools Is Expensive

A professional job like garage door repair is important because it impacts the daily life of a homeowner, especially someone who uses the garage area regularly. For best results, it is necessary to have state of the art equipment and often, some parts need to be replaced and must be bought in advance. It is often difficult for homeowners to procure these parts (because they only need one) and hiring equipment can be expensive.

More Damage Can Be Caused By Unprofessional Repair Work

This is another common issue with DIY garage door repair that many professionals mention frequently. When homeowners do not know how to fix a garage door and attempt to do it themselves, they end up doing more harm than good. When a professional is called afterwards, their first step is to fix the shoddy repair job. This costs more because often, homeowners cause damage to the door while fixing it. Instead, a simple call to a professional can solve all these problems.

It is necessary to have a garage door that is working properly. A professionally repaired garage door can improve curb appeal and also make your house more attractive in the real estate market. Well repaired garage doors operate smoothly and do not make any sound. Properly maintained garage doors would also make your home look distinct. Professional garage door repair companies can make all this possible for you because they have trained and knowledgeable professionals who have the proper equipment and experience to repair your garage door.

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