The Astonishing Dangers of Garage Doors

If you have lived in a home for several years, your garage door might be a menace waiting to injure you or your loved ones. This might come as a surprise to many, because who would think that their garage door can be a potentially dangerous object? Surprisingly it can be, so much so that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission created regulations to help protect people, especially children, from dangers surrounding garage doors.

As you know, garage doors are the biggest doors in your house. They can weigh over 300 lbs.

Since most doors operate using a cable system, if the tension is not properly balanced it could result in the door falling unintentionally. That amount of weight being forced down on someone can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

Another component of the garage door are the springs. The two common types of springs are torsion spring system and the extension spring system.

The torsion spring system is usually mounted horizontally on the door. As the door lowers, cables attached to the bottom of the door will cause the spring to wind up. This tension is used to help lift the door when it comes time to open it. The problem is that over time, this type of spring will eventually lose its tension due to wear and tear. When this happens, the spring could break, causing the door to fall suddenly.

Extension springs are attached directly to the cables as opposed to the door. And instead of winding up as the door lowers, they stretch out. That energy is used to open the door as the springs compress. These types of springs are also prone to breaking down due to repeated use.

Falling doors are not the only danger. Having a door that cannot open can be a fire hazard to your North Atlanta home. Garages often contain several flammable substances, such as gas containers, paint cans and motor oil. They can also contain a lot of wiring for the house that has the potential to short and spark a flame. The water heater can also go up in flames.

No matter what the case, opening a heavy door during a fire can be an impossible task. If you cannot get it open from the inside, it is unreasonable to expect the fire department to get it open from the outside during an emergency.

Finally, doors can be extremely dangerous for children. Children like to play, and will sometimes hang off of the door handle. This can cause the door to drop unexpectedly, especially when the springs are old and worn out. They can also get hurt by sticking their fingers in the springs or by playing with the door opener on an automatic garage.

Make sure you regular maintenance done to keep the door in safe operating conditions. Have a professional come and check out the various parts of the door to make sure they are still in optimal condition. If you aren’t sure when the last time the springs or other mechanical parts were replaced, buy some new ones and have them installed. If you feel that the door is too old to bother fixing or might not be as safe as some of the newer models, replace it with something more modern.

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