Be Informed Before You Buy-Commercial Garage Doors

It is important when in need of a high quality durable commercial garage doors to know the pros and cons of all the available different types. There are many aspects to take into consideration for your business. Doing some research before making your purchase is an excellent idea to choose the right for you one that will endure for years to come.

Roll Up Doors

Roll up commercial garage doors for the most part are designed to be smaller, made from steel, equipped with horizontal panels that roll up as the garage door is opened. These types of doors are the used frequently for numerous facilities as warehouses, storage facilities as well as other businesses. The look similar to regular garage doors but their construction is different; also the materials that are used. The two biggest factors here are the safety issues and durability which is essential when making the choice of what commercial garage door will fit your needs. Even though these commercial garage doors have benefits, they also have their drawbacks.

Pros and Cons

The pros include the easy operation of the roll up commercial doors. You can customize the doors to function by a motor or the other option is cranking it manually, by hand. They can be constructed with wood, steel or aluminum even fiberglass. Because of the variety of materials available these roll up doors are very durable. They are designed to resist any weather conditions being able to stand strong and even after years of use still maintain their presentable looks.

But the downside of these high quality doors is that they expensive mainly due to some of the materials used. They also tend to be noisy and depending on where you are located this might cause some annoyance. Also, the installation of a roll up door can be more labor-intensive requiring the need of more than just one person. Something also to consider before installing is the fact it is advised that the panels be first painted.

Glass Doors

Think back to a time to a time you might have walked past a glass door were you impressed at how the look caught your attention even coaxing you into making a purchase even when you didn’t plan to originally? That is certainly the inviting impact for your own business for the potential to increase your sales and bring in new customers. The addition of glass door can give you just exactly that. But again there are always pros and cons. With the glass garage doors you will have the ability to grab the attention of passing customers. You have the capability of hanging signs to advertise. A very appealing custom made design with your logo can easily be changed from season to season. The glass allows the natural light into your facility which adds a certain atmosphere. Increased security is also a plus with many options for customization including hardware or tints to complement the character of your business.


But again there are drawbacks unfortunately to a glass storefront door as with the positive sides the visibility can also be a hindrance, the merchandise may draw thieves in resulting in loss of profit and the possibility of damage to your store. If your business is outside you should strongly consider the effects of the weather conditions. Strong winds and damaging precipitation for example hail can shatter glass leaving you with a high replacement expense.

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