7 Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door

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Curb appeal is very important for any home and choosing the right garage door is an important part of that appeal. Whether the garage door is being chosen as part of a new build or when it is time to replace the door, it is important to choose just the right garage door. Finding the right garage door that blends with the house and enhances its curb appeal is a matter of choosing the right garage door

Garage doors are the face of the garage and it is important to give the garage door the same consideration as the rest of the home. If the garage is prominently placed in relation to the home the style of the door can have an impact on the curb appeal.

In order to strike a harmonious balance between your Vinings home and garage choose a garage door that incorporates architectural elements from the home. The similar elements will tie the two together and make them look like they belong together rather than the garage being an afterthought.

Consider matching the color scheme, especially if the door is not a great fit for the home. A complimentary color scheme will help it blend in the overall design of the home and garage package. If the door is of traditional design, choose creative color highlighting the elements of the door such as bracing or panels and use the same color as the trim on the home. If the front door of the home is stained rather than painted and paint is not a preferred option, choose a stain that matches or compliments the front door.

Another option to choosing a garage door to match or compliment the home is to use the same type of detail as the windows in the home. Choose a door that has the same type of windows in the home. For example, if the home has the classic six over six double hung windows choose a door with multi-paned top lights. Take into consideration the shape of the windows as well. Matching the shape as close as possible will go a long way to making the garage door compliment the home.

Consider the age of the home when choosing a garage door and choose a door that might have appeared on the garage during the period the home was built. Homes dating back to the 19th century typically used the carriage house design. Carriage house doors were typically swing out doors with a diagonal brace on the bottom of the door. Another older option would be the stable door look with cross bucks on the bottom.

When choosing a garage door, consider the insulation factor. With the cost of energy, energy efficient doors are an important component to keeping the home warm without escalating the cost to heat the home. This is an important feature as garages are used as work space or a gathering in addition to sheltering a vehicle.

For those concerned with safety will want to choose a garage door that incorporates safety into the design. A garage door is a large moving object and it should have safety features to protect family members that interact with the door. Pinch resistant doors include a feature that pushes fingers out of the way should they be placed to close a door as it closes. Fire resistant insulation in the door will reduce the amount of fire and smoke that may escape the garage and into other parts of the home.

An important consideration when choosing a garage door is the maintenance required to keep the door in good working order and looking great. Wood doors will need to be cleaned and painted or stained more often than a steel or vinyl door.

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