Garage Door Repair Dunwoody GA

There are many things in most houses that the average person can easily fix themselves, including repainting, replacing door knobs and hinges, replacing loose tile work, and fixing leaky faucets. Garage doors are another matter entirely. They may look simple enough, because we operate them remotely with buttons and pulling on handles, and they perform the simple opening and closing actions that we experience everyday. But, if you look closely, modern garage doors are actually quite sophisticated. Unless you are trained to repair them, the task can be quite daunting and there are even a few elements of garage door repair that can be dangerous enough to inflict serious injury, and in some cases fatal injuries.

For reasons of safety, as well as the need for expertise, and some special tools to effectively repair a broken garage door, most people hire a service to perform the repair. The only problem with that can be in dealing with a repair company that is not an honest, straightforward company without a good track record and reputation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam artists out there. The first thing to notice is what signage adorns the vehicle that the repair person arrives in. If there is no garage door repair company sign with a logo and phone number prominently displayed on the doors or side panels, you should beware of them. The lack of a sign is actually a very big warning sign for you.

Even if they have some type of official looking signage, always ask for the person’s credentials, and make sure it matches the name, phone number, and address of the service you called. People running scams of garage door repair on unsuspecting homeowners will also commit fraudulent inspections.

They will claim you have broken door sensors when they may only simply be out of alignment, a repair that requires no new parts and should not cost more than a nominal fee. They may overlook some such small problem and take lots of time to do unnecessary inspection operations, such as disassembling part of the door or the automatic garage door opener, finally claiming that some major part must be replaced. They will then demand that you pay them perhaps many hundreds of dollars to replace the part, which was never actually broken. Even when such a major failure does occur, a complete replacement would never cost a great deal of money. For instance, if you should need to replace the whole automatic garage door opener unit, it should never cost more than a few hundred dollars, at most, for the part and not much more for the labor time to remove the old one and install the new one. It is always a good idea to oversee any repair operations whenever possible. And make sure you get the repair vehicle’s license number and the cell phone number of the repair person. Walk inside your house, while they are still in the garage, and give the number they gave you a call. If they don’t answer, or you get a disconnected or wrong number message, ask them to leave immediately.

Before calling a repair service, another thing to consider is whether repair is even the best option. If there are multiple serious problems with your garage door, it may just be time to replace it. Even if repairing it to become functional again is reasonable, if the door is faded, banged up, scratched heavily, or dented, it detracts from your home’s value. Perhaps simply because of lost curb appeal, you should think about replacing it with a new one.

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