Many families are struggling financially these days because of a less than perfect economy. Just because the money is not flowing as freely as you would like, you do not have to stay home all winter. There are plenty of weekend activities to be enjoyed by families that will not break the budget, especially in Atlanta GA. Your experts for garage doors Atlanta GA want to go over some ideas that we like to do with our families here in Metro Atlanta when we have free time.

1. Spend the Afternoon in the Park

Around the city, there are several beautiful parks that are waiting for you to come and enjoy. This is a free way to spend a nice weekend afternoon. Pair the park with a homemade picnic lunch and you have a special way to enjoy time with your family. You can even bring along a Frisbee or the family pet. Everyone can use some Vitamin D and some fresh air.

2. Visit the Zoo or a Museum

Atlanta GA is a great place to tour the city. There is a really nice zoo as well as multiple museums. Although admission might cost you a few dollars, there are all types of discounts available. You can find a Saturday or Sunday with a special admission price to add to the savings, but these types of places are not too expensive for the great time you get for your admission. Again, packing a lunch can save your family a lot. And if you haven’t visited the CNN center or Coca-Cola factory yet, do so ASAP!

3. Go Fishing

The lakes and rivers in this area are great for fishing. Some of the largest bodies of water in the south are located around the city. You should take advantage of your local perks and take your family fishing this weekend. It is very inexpensive. You just might have to buy some bait and a fishing license for the adults in the group, but this is still a super frugal way to enjoy the weekend with your family. You might even catch some dinner to have later.

4. Board Games and Puzzles

Everyone has some board games and puzzles lying around. This is a great way to make a boring weekend at home a little more enjoyable. You can pull out some games or set up a puzzle at the table. This opportunity will give the family a pastime that promotes conversation and togetherness. You can even prepare some special snacks to enjoy while you are playing games. And you can invite over family friends and their children for even more fun. We’re all so busy during the week that we should take more time in catching up with friends and just having a good time.

5. A Bike Ride

With obesity running rampant in the United States right now, families should go on more bike rides together. Exercising together as a family can help everyone to be healthier and is a much more productive activity than sitting on the couch all day, and it is also much less boring. Take in the local sites as a family and enjoy Georgia’s beautiful geography, which is quite hilly and will provide a great workout. Trust us; dinner will taste so much better after a good workout and some fresh air.

6. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Many local farmers’ markets can be found in the area. Take a family shopping trip to one and find great fruits for baking. Then, you can return home with your family to bake a fresh fruit pie for you all to enjoy. Kids love to help in the kitchen and this weekend idea can help them to learn a little about farm produce as well.

There are many inexpensive things that families can do on the weekends around Metro Atlanta GA. The climate is conducive to many outdoor activities, even in the winter months. There is no need to sit home bored on the weekend due to being “financially challenged.”

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