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Garage doors are key fixtures in the exterior decor of a home, especially if the garage is close to the street. They can drastically berry hill garage doorsimprove the appearance of a house and update it while blending in with its architectural style. Convenience and safety are two significant elements of a good door as well. Commercial buildings need doors that secure their goods and families need to secure their cars and other outdoor items.

Founded in 1999, our garage door sales and service company specializes in installing, maintaining and repairing garage doors in the Berry Hill area. Our professionals bring years of experience to our customers, and we offer a myriad of garage door designs and materials.


An old door on a garage built 15 years ago may not be dependable in various ways. Is it strong enough to withstand a bump when you forget to open it and then back out? Most doors would give in to that, but a dent is less of a problem than a complete cave-in. The tension springs need to be in good enough shape to hold up the door on a daily basis, but also in minor accidents.

Fixing or replacing tension springs can be a dangerous business unless you really know what you’re doing. Most DIYers consider the probability of an entire door collapsing before taking on a job like this and then call the professionals. Our Berry Hill TN garage door location has expert installation and maintenance that will save you from added expense and possible injury.

The convenience of a garage door that works smoothly is worth the cost after having to go out in bad weather to open or close one while dressed in your best suit or new shoes. Doing this in the dark really ices the cake. We have a large number of door materials and designs, so there is no reason to put off replacing an unsatisfactory one. Most people don’t look at such things until absolutely necessary, but many are surprised at the available variety when they do.


We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service in helping buyers select the right garage door, but also for our competitive pricing. Save time and money and look at our listings, and we’ll take care of the details. Our hours start early and run late to accommodate customers’ schedules, and we like to get moving on a job quickly.

Some attributes to think about in choosing a garage door may include windows, color, materials, the movement of the door in folding and sliding and the hardware that comes with it. Think about the outside of your home or business and what kind of image you want it to reflect. Snap a picture on your phone and show it to us for suggestions when you come in to look at the selection.

Another consideration in replacing an old door is noise. The grating sound some doors make is beyond the tolerance of many homeowners. Closing or opening the door late at night may not please the neighbors, either, and early in the morning on a weekend: oh no. If the noise wakes up a sleeping baby, there’s no telling what consequences will ensue. Smooth and quiet are best.

Maybe the garage door is not so old, but the opener is not always cooperative. Let us look at it and diagnose the problem. We can advise you on maintenance for the door and the opener to avert future problems as well. It’s what we do.

The garage doors in our Berry Hill TN store can provide ideas and pricing when the time comes to find a new one. We have almost two decades of experience to draw on, so let us help you solve the garage door issue. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is something we want to maintain. You may know one of our slogans: “Big enough to serve, small enough to care.”



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