Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful In The Georgia Sun

You don’t need a professional company and spend thousands of dollars to have a great looking lawn. The summer sun is hot in Georgia, and that can be scorching to the lawn and garden area. However, you can have great curb appeal without breaking the bank. Here are some great tips for keeping your lawn looking amazing!

Remember To Water Your Lawn

Watering is an important part of any plant. Atlanta can be hot and dry. If it is a year where rain is at a minimum, watering the lawn is important. A sprinkler system can help your lawn maintain that great color we all love. Rather than watering frequently, water deeply and saturate the plants. An hour every other week should be a good start. Do not water the lawn every day for ten minutes or so, it will be counterproductive.

Never Apply Pesticides, Always Fertilize

Weeds are a pain and no one wants to deal with them. However, rather than spraying toxic chemicals all over the lawn, weed whenever necessary. By pulling a weed from the roots, it will prevent it from coming back in that location. Fertilizing the lawn will feed the plants and ensure they are strong and healthy. This will really help when the grass goes into a dormant state during the winter months. Fertilization helps the lawn to grow like crazy, but should only be done in the autumn time.

Set Your Lawn Mower Higher

If you are one of those people that prefer to cut their grass low so that they can avoid cutter it so soon the next time, you’re doing it all wrong. The longer the blade of grass, the healthier the plant is going to be. Set the lawnmower to 3-4” and it will produce a healthier landscape area. Yes, it will mean that you have to cut the lawn more often, but it’s not that big of a hassle to get the lawnmower out of the garage is it? You have a great garage door and a good place to store it, so what’s an extra mowing for a healthy lawn?

Selecting The Right Fertilizer

Heading to the local garden store can be overwhelming. There are so many things to increase the health of the lawn that you may be confused. While browsing the many products, look for something that has nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium included in the mix. These are the three basic things that the grass needs to be healthy and vibrant. All the other additives and stuff are not necessary.

Fall Preparations

When fall rolls around, many people gather the leaves rather than mulch them. Running the lawnmower over the leaves can be very beneficial to the grass. The leaves will mulch the lawn and help to make it look better during the summer months. While mulched leaves don’t seem to have the same curb appeal as a freshly raked yard, it still looks well kept. Making little adjustments can make a big different when the next spring time rolls around.

Your lawn is one of the first things that people see when driving down your street. If your lawn is perfection, it reflects positively on the home and those that live inside. If your lawn is a mess, well it speaks for itself. It isn’t a full-time job to maintain a lawn, but it does require some work. It is better to mow the lawn in dry conditions, and allow the clippings to fall back into the lawn to naturally compost it. Adapting a few new habits can pay off royally in a stellar looking landscape.

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