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Arrington Garage Doors
Arrington Garage Doors

All 4 Seasons Garage Doors provides garage doors Arrington including new garage door installation and replacement. Ever since the electric garage door was invented in 1926, it has become one of those conveniences that are hard to live without. Simply push a button in the garage or on your remote in the vehicle, and the door opens and closes effortlessly. Almost all Arrington garage doors are powered- is yours?

Founded in 1999, our garage door sales and service company specializes in installing, maintaining and repairing garage doors in the Arrington TN area. Our professionals bring years of experience to our customers, and we offer a myriad of garage door designs and materials. As an organization that has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation, we focus on providing high-quality, affordable products and friendly service.

  • We are “Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care”
  • Serving Arrington with 75 years of combined experience
  • We have all of the styles and options to make your home the ENVY of your neighborhood

Before You Call The Professionals

There are a few things that commonly cause problems for Arrington Garage Doors that can be checked and easily fixed. First, check to see if anything is blocking the door. A toy or tool may be keeping the door from closing properly. Second, check that the eye sensors at the bottom of the door. Make sure they are properly aligned and not dirty or blocked with debris. Third, make sure your remote has working batteries and that they are installed properly. And finally, check that the manual override cable (the one with the red handle) has not been pulled accidentally. Most other issues involving damaged rollers, springs and tracks should be checked by a professional. These doors are very heavy and attempting to repair them without experience is dangerous.

When Repairs Will Do The Job

What is causing your door to malfunction? A professional can inspect key points of the garage door and usually fix the problem quickly and affordably. Common repairs include adjusting the tension, lubricating tracks or other parts, or replacing a single panel.

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Like most other things in your home, a garage door will eventually need replacement. The most important reason to replace a garage door is for safety concerns. A garage door is heavy and if age or wear means that components become damaged, injury could result. If your garage door is old and has several panels that are scratched, rusted or warped, it is probably a good idea to make an investment in a new garage door as well. A door damaged from vehicles or inclement weather may need to be replaced as well.

Selecting the Mechanism

On the market today, homeowners have three basic garage door options: a chain drive, a belt drive or a screw drive opener. The chain drive opener is the most popular. These garage door openers are inexpensive and reliable, but can be noisy and are often the best choice for a detached garage. Belt drive openers, somewhat more expensive, are much quieter and better to use for attached garages. A bit on the noisier side, screw drive openers feature fewer moving parts and therefore require less maintenance.

Selecting the Design

Garage doors come in a variety of designs, each complementing your home’s character in a different way. Selecting the right design can increase curb appeal of your home. Our company offers traditional panel garage doors made from steel, wood, aluminum or composites. Long or short designs, a variety of window options and a wide selection of colors including wood staining are available. We also feature carriage house designs that swing, slide or fold while employing modern technology. Designs that resemble the olden day garages are readily available. Finally, we offer doors made from aluminum, glass, wood and steel that have more of a contemporary look as well.

When you are ready to work with a garage door sales and service company that is “big enough to serve, small enough to care”, be sure to call us. We feature our famous $20 per service call and offer both early and late service hours in Arrington TN. We are ready to exceed your expectations.



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