10 Tips For Eliminating Noise

From All Four Seasons Roll up Garage Doors Acworth, GA

If you have a garage door in your house that is not maintained properly, it is possible that it causes a lot of noise and disturbs the peace and quiet of your house. Here are 10 best tips that would help to eliminate noise from your garage door and improve its efficiency.

Here’s a video from Dan to get things started:

Regular Maintenance Checks – This is the first step to undertake before you decide to perform any improvements on your garage door. Examine the door and try to do so regularly. Listen where the noise is coming from. Does the door move smoothly? Does it jerk when you close or open it?

Replacing The Rollers – The rollers of your garage door are made from nylon or steel and these need replacement every 7 years. However, because this part of the garage door is in constant use everyday, it can also become damaged sooner. If the roller seems to be cracked, chipped or worn, it could be causing noise and should be replaced.

Changing The Weatherstripping – The purpose of the weatherstripping is to ensure that everything you keep inside your garage is protected from weather elements like wind, rain, snow and storm outside. If the stripping at the bottom of the garage door is cracked, get it replaced to eliminate noise.

Keeping The Hardware In Good Shape – This is something that you can do on your own when you inspect your garage door every couple of weeks. Take a look at the hardware and ensure that all the screws, nuts and bolts are tight. Use a socket wrench for the same.

Clearing Tracks – Your garage door might be making noises and moving with jerky movements because of debris in the tracks. Clean this area daily and check for debris that is stuck under the garage door to prevent such a thing from occurring again.

Regular Lubrication – The best way to ensure noiseless and smooth movement of your garage door is by lubricating hinges and all the other moving parts on a regular basis. This also keeps rust away and prevents the parts from wearing off. You can get spray lubricants meant for garage doors or lithium grease as well.

Ensuring Proper Balance In The Garage Door – If the balance of your garage door is uneven or erratic, it could be causing noise and might lead to safety concerns as well. You need to check the counterweight springs yourself and if they seem problematic, call a professional to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Maintaining Cables – It is never recommended that homeowners inspect or try to repair the high tension cables of the garage door. If they snap, they could hurt you and might even be fatal. This is why you should maintain the cables by having a professional inspect them on a regular basis.

Checking The Door Itself For Signs Of Damage – If the door is made from wood, it would be prone to warping and might also suffer from water damage. Call a professional for advice on whether to get it repaired or replace it outright. You can get the door primed and give it a fresh coat of paint for a new look and more efficient results.

Regularly Testing Safety Features – Test the safety features of the door regularly to avoid noise caused from parts and also, to enhance safety of operation.

Even if you have a new garage door, you can make it noiseless by adding a few improvements yourself or with the help of professionals. DIY can be a great way to save money but remember – if you want great results, there is no shame in seeking help from garage door professionals.

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