Garage Door Halloween

With Halloween being just right around the corner, it is time for everyone to pull out all of the stops of creating the spookiest or most fun Haunted House or Trick or Treat stop for your Buckhead neighborhood kids. One of the best places to have your Halloween decor is on the garage door or the inside of the garage. Besides a basement or attic, a garage is already spooky by itself on every regular day. So for this Halloween holiday, you might as well take advantage of that.

Technology has come a long way, and now there is technology that is incorporated in holiday lights. You now can control your lights from a computer to move to the beat of the music that you are playing. You can use the lights and put it on your garage doors and create a face that is similar to a jack-o-lantern’s. You can have a spooky voice playing in the background, and make the lights look like it is talking. The kids in the neighborhood would either love this, or have nightmares, but hey that is the Halloween experience after all.

If Halloween lights are not your thing, then there are other ways to have your garage door looking festive for the holiday. If you are a painter, you can create a spectacular mirror of images that is associated with Halloween, and all of your neighbors would surely love it. If you want to do something more humble with the paint, you and your kids can paint pictures of their favorite Halloween memories. That may not be as spectacular as painting a mirror, but it is certainly sweeter.

You can go old school and paste large size cut outs of items that are associated with Halloween. You can cut out and paste items such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and of course pumpkins. This would also be a fun activity for the kids.

If you want to partake in the Halloween decorations festivity, but want to keep it simple, then this is for you. You can purchase some spray paint and only just spray a message like “Beware do not walk by.”You would then buy a fog machine or DIY one yourself using pure glycerin, distilled water, glass, a candle and a tin foil pan. Using the garage remote, you will then open up the garage every time someone walk by, or whenever you feel like scaring someone.

The trick is to have your garage fill up with so much fog that it looks haunted. So every time you open the garage door, the person walking by would just see fog. For an added spook, you can download Halloween sounds on your mobile device, have your phone in your pocket while playing the music, and jump out in scare the passerby. Warning, only jump out and scare the person if you know them; a stranger may not be too kind of your joke.

If you would like to go all out with your Halloween decoration for your garage, you can use the fog machine as well. The difference is that you would keep the garage door open and fill the garage with all kinds of various Halloween decorations. Whether you want to make your garage door a spooky treat or fun trick, have a good time and keep it safe. Enjoy your Halloween!

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