Homeowners have many options for improving the curb appeal of their home. Many options which are available for a homeowner are affordable and can be done on a simple budget. The outward appearance of a home which is old or dated will often benefit by updating various features. Your garage doors Roswell GA experts will review some of the ways that any homeowner can apply a budget curb appeal makeover.

1. The Garage Doors

Updating the appearance of the garage can easily be done by replacing your garage door. This is the best curb appeal option if the door on a garage is very old or faded. The garage doors Roswell A options for use by a homeowner will vary based on individual preference. Search for a door that will be the best match for the design or style for the property. Your garage doors Roswell GA experts at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors offer FREE in-home design consultations to help you pick the best door that complements your home style and fits your budget.

However, if you don’t plan on buying new garage doors, a new coat of paint can really freshen up the look. Think about it – your garage doors occupy a large part of the home façade. Wash and paint them and your home will shine like new.

2. The Front Door

Every residential home has a front door or main door into the residence, either on front of the home or on the side of the garage. One way to add pizazz to the home is to update the door with new paint. Any new color of paint needs to coordinate with the color of the home. The color for a door needs to contrast with the facade of the house or be the same color as the garage door. It looks even better if you try to match it with the color of the window frames.

3. Manicure the Landscape

The landscape of the home includes the grass the will surround the home or the garage. One way that a homeowner can update the curb appeal of their home is to keep the lawn maintained. This means using a lawn mower to cut the grass and remove any weeds. Weeds are often the one thing that can make any home appear to others as not maintained. Many times there may be weeds along the edge of a house or the garage that need to be addressed.

4. Maintain Flower Beds

Flower beds found on residential property need to be properly groomed. This includes any beds around the side of a garage. The best thing to do is remove any weeds which will take away from plants or any flowers which add color. Mulch can be added that will help address weeds and can often be found in a range of colors that may match the color of the house or the garage door.

5. Wash Away Dirt

The accumulation of dirt on a home or garage will take away from the curb appeal of a property. Rinse away any dirt found on the siding of the home or garage with water. Water is also a good option for the removal of dirt and debris that is on the garage door. All types of garage doors Roswell GA products are easily cleaned by rinsing with water.

6. Improve the Driveway

The driveway of a home will lead right up to the garage. This means removing containers that are used for recycling and trash. These can be kept along the side of the garage where they will not be seen by a guest or anyone walking by the home. Containers can easily be hidden by adding a small fence.

7. Clean the Windows

Windows on the home and the garage need to be cleaned. This is required on both the inside and on the outside. A garage door may also have windows which need to be kept clean.

8. Update Light Fixtures

Many residential properties have light fixtures on the exterior of the home and the garage. Lighting that is outdated or has cheap builder-grade products can be replaced to improve curb appeal. This will also be a good way to enhance the look of any recently painted house door or garage door.

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