For whatever reason, your home might seem to have lost the luster it once had. Maybe you are thinking about upgrading or possibly moving to another place. Either way there are simple improvements you can make to the exterior of your home that will bring back the beauty of your house and increase the curb appeal.

1. Upgrade Your Garage Doors Sandy Springs GA

One way you can make an improvement in the exterior is to update or change out your garage doors Sandy Springs GA. Over time the finish can dull or the doors can just plain start to fall apart. Changing out garage doors makes a big radical change and can bring back much more than the cost of installation when it comes time to sell your home.

If, however, you are not ready to make such an investment, a good idea is to paint your garage doors! A fresh coat of paint will freshen up the look of your home and make your neighbors jealous. Another tip is to add some accessories to your garage doors.

2. Upgrade Your Front Door

Another easy, quick, and dramatic improvement is to install a new door and door facings. Since the front door is the focal view point changes made here will cause the exterior to take on a new look. Also along with the new door you can add new hardware to the door and surrounding areas.

3. Improve the Landscape

The basic change that many people do not consider is to update and improve the
landscaping. Resod the grass and make sure the grass that is growing now is not growing on the sidewalks. Make sure the hedges or any bushes or trees are
well trimmed and flowers and other bedding plants are healthy, well placed, and colorful. Check our previous blog articles for how to maintain a garden or enhance the landscape on a tight budget!

4. Home Exterior

Obviously, the exterior of your house is a big area that can be dramatically changed with a bit of work. Stone or brick exteriors can be power washed as well as those houses that have siding. Painting the house with more updated colors will make the entire house pop and sizzle.

5. Windows

Along with the changes made to the exterior don’t forget about the molding around windows and any exterior trim. Shutters can add some flash to common-looking windows and if needed, they can be built to close which helps on those cold windy days. Changing the house numbers can also add a little excitement to a dull exterior.

If the windows are old they may need to be replaced as well. Not only will you improve the look of the house with all the new treatments that are available but you may be surprised at how much money your save in heating and cooling costs.

6. The Roof

Some roofs can be as much as 40% of the front of your house. Old dull shingles or tiles are probably ready to be replaced anyway. There are a number of options here and while this is an expensive option the eye appeal of your house is most important when trying to sell. Most people pass on buying your house if they have to replace the roof. You might want to look into power-washing your roof, just like we talked about the home exterior previously. Washing the roof will brighten up its color and give it a new look!

7. The Driveway

When people drive down the street, one area of the front of the house that is noticed a lot is the driveway. That alone with the sidewalks can bring about major eyesores if they are old, faded, and in disrepair. Fix all the cracks and buckled areas and if any grass is growing make sure it is removed. The driveways and sidewalks can be treated with a colored sealant or even painted for a great eye popping effect.

These are just 7 changes that you can make to the outside of your house to bring back the pride of ownership you once had. Most are quick and inexpensive but all will pay big dividends.

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