Why should you have to paint your garage door? You may not know it, but there are more important reasons to paint garage doors than merely for aesthetic purposes. In fact, painting it will help protect against dust, sunlight, and inclement weather. Also, if you are in the market for selling your house, or want to merely make your neighbors jealous, painting your garage doors is an inexpensive way of adding curb-appeal and a fresh look to your home exterior! Your experts for garage doors Marietta GA summarized in four simple steps how you can paint your garage doors and freshen up the look of your home.

Step 1: Preparing the Area

Brush off the dust from your garage doors, as well as the area surrounding. You don’t want the wind to blow the dust around on your freshly painted doors. Also, make sure you tape any area you don’t want to paint. Have some clothes you don’t mind getting paint on and get your gloves ready! Also very important, make sure you have enough wipes around in case you need to wipe off any drops of paint.

Step 2: Preparing the Paint

Get a nice sized bucket, some paint, and a high quality 2 inch wide nylon paint brush. You’re going to want to pour mixed paint into your bucket. Grab your paint brush and start dipping into your bucket of paint; however, it’s important to remember it’s best to paint with direct sunlight and when it’s at least 50-90 degrees outside. Plus, moderate humidity also makes this process a lot easier, but if you live in a colder climate you really can’t help that.

Step 3: Painting Process – The Brush

Painting should start with the top panels of your garage, as this will make things a lot easier. Paint into the area of the panel; specifically, begin at the corner and continue to paint around any corners. Keep painting until the entire panel is completely painted, and you’re going to repeat this step until each panel is completely painted. And, don’t forget to wipe away any excess paint that has gotten on the stiles. Now that you have your panels done we can get to the rest of your garage doors.

Next, you’re going to want to paint around the perimeter of your door, starting with a 2 inch wide section. The best way to get this done is to start at the top corner and just continue down, and fill in any spots you miss. Also, don’t forget to consistently dip your brush back into your bucket of paint, so you always have a wet edge. Next, you’ll need a paint tray and a 3/8 inch roller for the last step. So, drop the tray on the ground and fill it up with more mixed paint.

Step 4: Painting Process – The Roller

Grab your roller and roll it back and forth in the paint tray, get it as covered as possible. Next, paint the area around the perimeter of each panel. And, from there just continue rolling over your door until it’s complete. If your garage doors are old, consider applying a few layers of paint. The same is true if you are changing the color of your garage doors from a dark to a light one. You might need a few layers of paint to completely cover the old color.

Step 5: The End

Finally, remove all the tape and drop cloths you laid out, and sit back and enjoy your newly painted garage doors. Look around for any drops of paint on the driveway or any paint that got past the tape line. Remove the spots with a wipe dipped in either paint remover. If your paint is oil-based, you can just use cooking oil as paint remover.

Making sure your garage door is fully painted is essential when you’re a homeowner. Not only does it make your home look complete, but it also protects against things like sunlight and bad weather, adds curb appeal, and gives distinction to your home.

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