When buying commercial garage doors Atlanta GA for your business, there are a number of factors to consider in deciding which commercial garage door is right for your company. While some businesses may simply use the same garage doors as home owners, many choose models specifically tailored for business needs.

Drive through downtown, metro Atlanta, and you will quickly see a variety of garage door types and sizes before you. The garage doors of Atlanta GA are not typical sight-seeing objects for a passersby, but if you keep an eye out you will notice that different business types tend to have different sorts of garage doors.

1. Security

Some businesses will have an emphasis on security or just on general toughness. Doors of steel (corrugated steel roller garage doors or steel sheet garage doors) are a popular choice. Also to be considered is the presence of a lock. Storage companies, for example, needing to protect stored valuables will put a premium on the security factor. You may even consider adding a security grille if in a high-crime zone.

2. Visibility and Promotion

Some garage doors of Atlanta GA you will notice have glass sections in them, large or small. Many of these doors utilize aluminum for the frames. If the need for visibility and the passing through of light is a high priority, such a door may be right for you. Car dealerships and fire houses often will use such doors as this.

3. Temperature Range, Shelf Life, and Noise Blocking

Other commercial garage doors Atlanta GA are insulated. Foam or other material is built into the door so that it keeps the heat in and keeps the noise out. If noisy activity is typical just outside of your garage or if you are especially concerned to reduce heating costs, consider an insulated sectional roller, foam-filled sectional or other insulated commercial garage door option. Our expert technicians at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors will help you choose the right R-Value for the insulation and the suitable material to keep the storage area within the desired temperature range. This is very important for storage areas where products are kept and where the shelf life of the product depends on the temperature range.

4. Speed and Ease of Opening

For a commercial garage door at your business that is often opening and closing, you should consider getting an advanced service, high cycle door. An auto mechanic’s shop door or high volume exit and entry ports at factories might consider this option, for example.

Another consideration is the speed and ease of opening the garage door. An ambulance exit door at a hospital might be an instance in which seconds are important and so one should inquire about this factor with his garage door provider.

5. Design, Shape, and Color

Finally, there is the aesthetic factor. Some commercial garage doors Atlanta GA are beautiful to behold. Store front garages might be a prime candidate for the doors with bright or deep colors and intricate interesting patterns on their faces. Other companies might prefer their company colors or logo on the doors.

6. Choosing a Reliable Vendor

With all the variety to choose from, there are still some basics that apply to all shopping for commercial garage doors Atlanta.

  • Pre-measure the exact dimensions of the opening so you won’t have any trouble or waste any time in finding a door of the correct size.
      • All 4 Seasons Garage Doors experts will do this for you.
  • Some openings are very large or small or are just odd, non-standard sizes. This does not mean a suitable door cannot be found for them, but you will need to be aware of the issue.
  • Make sure the company you deal with has expertise in installing commercial garage doors and check on what kind of warrantees they offer.
      • All 4 Seasons Garage Doors offer lifetime warranty on its products and services. Also, we have been living and breathing this industry for 15 years and all of our technicians are extensively trained.
  • Ask about the cost and availability of replacement parts (seek a door with more or less universal sizes if possible).
      • When you buy a door from us, with a lifetime warranty, there is no worry that we got your back with any replacements or repair you might need.

Finally, do ask for safety advice. Garage doors, for example, should be tested periodically and lubricated on the bearings, hinges and spring wires (but never the tracks or rollers!). Ask about force settings to reverse the door if it encounters significant resistance as well as about the “safety eyes” (sensors) that are required by law.

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